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Top 23 Voices of The She Saga: Literary Echoes From 2023

Featuring the best articles of 2023

Saravjot Hansrao

I realise each garment is a storyteller. The ritual is a personal journey of listening and feeling the stories. The warmth permeates through, preparing me for the cold and numbing winter.

Sanghamitra Ghoshbasu

Dark, gloomy, foggy, depressing, cold, and numb—these words mostly scream out of our minds when someone gives us 10 seconds to describe winter. But to me, winters were all about vacation, packed houses, friends and family, picnics, and, of course, the ‘low fat” Indian weddings.

Lalitha Ramanathan

Home is a strange word. It has many associations and connotations. It’s warm and cosy in here; just like that, I’m not scared of the raging winds outside. Home is where the warmth is. Home is where Amma is.

Preethi Warrier

Immense support from my spouse and parents made me seek professional help. I guess that was one of the best decisions I made. The doctor heard me out patiently; he attributed my stress to ‘Obsessive Perfectionist Disorder’, a condition when the person involved aims to get everything right in life.”

Promita Banerjee Nag

Art is transient, but its impact is permanent; it hurts your conscience but heals it too; it instigates you to act and inspires you to excel….

Sreeparna Sen

Unishe April, directed by the noted filmmaker Rituparna Ghosh was not only a revelation but a revolution as well. Rituparno was always an enigma.

Anindita Chowdhury

I had another motivation, apart from proving to people that I was not frail. After the near brush with death, I knew we were all living on borrowed time, and it was far more important to make memories with loved ones.

Sonali Swain

How does it feel to see time slipping by like a handful of sand? Instead of focusing on how hard ageing can be, I’ll try to look at ageing through the lens of a movie. Ageing can be a beautiful journey where all the experience and learning can make you get going no matter what age you are in.

Priyanka Patwari Sitani

Her embryo was sealed the day she was born,

She could never ever be a mom,

But that is not at all her fault,

Yet she has to bear all the taunt..

Anasuya Shreedhar

Bengali folklore abounds in references to ghosts, and a part of my childhood was spent listening to such stories, especially the fish-eating ones. I remember that Bapi (my father) often narrated “snippets” from his childhood in Bangladesh, many of which had ghosts in them.

Aditi Banerjee

I learned to drive quite late in life, and my strongest motivation was my kid. I felt helpless seeing him miss out on activities because Papa was busy or cabs weren’t available.

Manjusha Dutta

I had many apprehensions when we started dancing. “What will people say?” was the most dominant thought. But I soon realized that it was about breaking free from that thought and doing what I wanted to do.

Deepa Perumal

Freedom for a woman is the “privilege” to do what she wants. It is the flexibility of being able to live life on her terms, without any constraints or restrictions of any sort.

Aditi Lahiry

Our Monsoon Melodrama ended on a happy note…

We keep thanking that van driver to date wholeheartedly

If he had not appeared that day, we would have perished surely.

Nisha Bordoloi

Deepika looked around at all the hopeless people around her. She was safe, Niyor was safe and they had Dilip safe somewhere in Guwahati. They will find each other and be together again. 

Sanchari Bhattacharya

I’ve always hated mangoes with a vengeance. Until… she introduced me to tok dal one fine summer afternoon. Something told her that I might not hate raw mangoes as much as I hate the ripe, orange ones.

Dr. Aparna Salvi Nagda

Are you planning a band, bajaa, or baraat in this tip-tip barsa pani season? Want to seal your love life with the ‘happy forever’ tag when the croaking of frogs and thundering of clouds are your sangeet buddies?

Priya Nayak Gole

I have yoga to thank for more than just physical fitness. It has healed me emotionally and been a major catalyst in getting me out of the dark phase of anxiety neurosis.

Barnali Roy

Frizzy hair is a challenge during winter. Add to it, an improper diet, an underlying physical condition or the various styling products that we use, it’s bound to be a bad-hair day. This winter, tackle your bad hair days by being cautious and adopting home remedies.

Chandrika. R.Krishnan

Today, when I see girls entering a marriage like a war zone, willing to keep all relatives, particularly the in-laws, as out-laws, a small piece of advice comes to mind: ‘Your MIL too is a woman who has sacrificed for her family.

Amrita Mallik

As Mother’s Day draws nearer, I sit teary-eyed, reading inspiring stories of this precious bond between a daughter and a mother. However, I, myself, can never taste that sweetness. No one can say my mother has neglected me. Yet, the deep-set vacuum only I can feel and the Almighty can fathom.

Narayani. V.Manapadam

Mothers can never be cruel, I thought to myself. And if they were, they must be stepmoms. How can someone torture her flesh and blood? But Qala makes a departure.  

Rishita Dey Ghosh

She watched them. The dialogues above their heads. She couldn’t hear them aloud so she saw them silently floating like ghosts. Just like he never said ‘I love you’ to her, but it always hung there like wisps of cloud above her.


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