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Humans painted cave walls, tamed fire, rose above the life of a hunter-gatherer to cultivate food, built wheels and pyramids, and nurtured civilisations to emerge as the most powerful species on the planet. Today, we know about evolution only because we are storytelling animals. Story-telling has crafted our politics, art, society, history and life as a whole. Both men and women have put forth their wisdom and gumption umpteen times to reach where we are today. Yet, undoubtedly, and unfortunately, Human History is replete with His Stories, and Her sagas remain unheard and untold.

The She Saga Web Magazine is a platform for Her Stories. As gender dynamics continue to undergo a steady shift worldwide, we aim to reach out to the remotest corners of a woman’s dressing table or her workstation or that crumpled page of her diary to discover stories that fascinate and inspire.

We believe in the power of her stories. The She Saga intends to celebrate every woman around us through her sagas – their successes and failures, joy and despair, strengths and vulnerabilities. The magazine aspires to be a shelter for her thoughts and perspectives, and harness a platform where she bares her heart with her untold stories.

This web magazine has been conceived purely as a labour of love and is driven by the engaging and thought-provoking exchanges we witness on the The Saree Saga Facebook page, where over seventy thousand women come and make their presence felt, everyday. The She Saga is just a step forward, a journey of part to the whole. It is an attempt to bring the entire gamut of emotion called ‘women’ under one umbrella. A place that feels home. A place to hold hands. A place to seek refuge in trying times, to share, care and touch lives.
It’s a place to celebrate every aspect of ‘Being A Woman’!

We believe that The She Saga Stories will encourage us to look within, and inspire us to look beyond the boundaries we set for ourselves.

Because ‘It’s all about us; It’s about all of us’.

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