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Motherhood and parenting


A Guilty Mother

My heart broke into pieces. I stood there for a while, silently, guilt-tripping. I wished I could go back to that moment and stop this from happening. I wished I could protect my little one from being in so much pain. I wished I could be more available for him.

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e-disease test

My Little Boy With Thalassemia

We rushed him to Chennai. We were told there that this is a condition where blood breaks down real fast. This in turn causes anaemia. So, to compensate for that my boy shall need a blood transfusion. Throughout his life.

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Teri Laadki Main

Neeraj knew Tara had been an ardent follower of Page 3 people and was allured by their amazing lifestyle. The showbiz world has always fascinated her and with Tamanna being a part of it, Tara would have direct access to her dream place.

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K Pop

Parenting – A New Way

It’s only recently that I came across the word ‘antifragile’ in one of the books I was reading. It is not the opposite of fragile. It refers to things that gain from disorder or get stronger when harmed. Now that to me felt like a journey worth exploring, from the vulnerability of the ‘Fragile’ to the more-than-resilient acceptance of the ‘Antifragile.’ In fact, I wanted to use my little learning to address one of my most pressing needs of the hour. Parenting.

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School Admission – A Privilege

School admissions have become a nightmare for most Indian parents. While the financial demands of schools can be herculean for most families, the author narrates her experience of a non-monetary requirement mandated by a school during its admission process through her hilarious anecdote

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Parenting Isn’t Only A Mom’s Responsibility!

No matter how much we talk about gender equality, the fact remains the same. Ultimately, it has to begin at home. Parents need to show and set examples of how to bring balance to their every day's behaviour and load sharing. Shivani has something to say about this.

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