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Breaking free: Are we there yet? 12 Questions To Ponder

76 years after gaining freedom from the British, are Indian women truly free in all aspects?

One of my favourite scenes from the iconic movie Dil Dhadakne Do has a group of friends hanging out and talking about women’s rights. When the conversation moves to equality, Manav (Rahul Bose) proudly declares that his family is very progressive, and he allows his wife Ayesha (Priyanka Chopra) to run her business. To which Sunny (Farhan Akhtar) replies,

And why does she need your permission? When you ‘allow’ someone to do something, you put yourself in a position of authority a position of power. And that is not equality. But, thank you for proving my point.”

There couldn’t be a simpler way to explain the current state of women’s freedom and the challenges women have faced in their pursuit of autonomy.

What is the Essence of Freedom?

In my opinion,

Freedom for a woman is the “privilege” to do what she wants – whether it be getting an education, pursuing a career, chasing her dreams, talking her mind, choosing a life partner, wearing any dress or makeup, walking out of an abusive marriage, making decisions about her body, going outside or participating in any activity, breaking traditional gender roles or anything else she wishes to achieve. In short, freedom is the flexibility of being able to live life on her own terms, without any constraints or restrictions of any sort.

But, 76 years after gaining freedom from the British, are Indian women truly free in all aspects? Isn’t it time we break free from the limiting beliefs that are shackling our wings? Isn’t it time we raised some questions?

Breaking the Silence

  1. Freedom from societal expectations: Why do women have to conform to certain roles and expectations, like being the primary caregivers or sacrificing their careers for the family? Break free from these expectations; be true to yourself.
  2. Freedom from body shaming: Why should we conform to unrealistic beauty standards? Why should we face criticism for our appearance? Why shouldn’t we feel confident and comfortable in our own bodies? 
  3. Freedom from judgment: Why should anybody’s beliefs limit us from achieving our dreams? Why should we have to face discrimination and stereotyping everywhere?
  4. Freedom from cyberbullying: Why is it ok for strangers to abuse and harass us online? Don’t we deserve a safe and respectful digital space where we can fearlessly express ourselves?
  5. Freedom to make body choices: Why should others make decisions about our bodies? Isn’t reproductive health and access to contraception & family planning our basic right?
  6. Freedom from harassment: Why should we suffer abuse and violence in our own homes? Is it too much to ask for a safe environment where we can live without fear?
  7. Freedom to pursue leadership: Why is there a glass ceiling? Why should there be barriers if we want to become leaders in our careers? Is being ambitious a bad thing?
  8. Freedom to express emotions: Why do we have to suppress our emotions? Why do we get judged if we express ourselves freely? Let’s laugh out loud and see if the sky falls down!
  9. Freedom for decision-making: Isn’t it our democratic right to enter politics if we wish to bring about positive change and representation? And is it wrong to participate in decision-making processes?
  10. Freedom to be confident: Assertiveness, confidence, and being unapologetic about our opinions and choices – when will we be able to practise these freely without being judged?
  11. Freedom to work: Why are some career paths and fields still dominated by men? Come on ladies, it’s time we break down some gender stereotypes!!
  12. Freedom from the burden of perfection: Who says we have to be perfect in all aspects of life, all the time?

Unleash the free spirit in you

Freedom is a journey to self-discovery. Freedom is empowering. Freedom is fulfilling.

But, as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben wisely said, “With great freedom comes great responsibility”. Freedom is a privilege that many women around the world are still fighting to attain. So, exercise your financial independence, freedom of speech, and personal choices wisely and responsibly.

True freedom lies in nurturing a society where women thrive as individuals, unfettered by the chains of gender norms or societal constraints. True freedom empowers women to make informed decisions, to stand up for themselves, overcome challenges and lead with conviction.

Together, let us pave the path for a more inclusive future with equality and equity, where women are empowered and have equal access to opportunities and resources.  Let’s create a world where every woman is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of her background or circumstances.

As someone aptly said,

Empower a woman with freedom, and she’ll illuminate the world with her limitless potential.”

Let’s embrace our freedom, and shine on!

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