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Yoga – A Way Of Life : How 9 Yogasanas Helped Me Heal

Yoga can bring about a significant change not just physically, but also emotionally!

2019 – A year of diagnosis and deliberation

The dawn of 2019 brought new discoveries on the health front. In January 2019, I finally got the array of diagnoses that were a punch to the gut, and my 40th birthday was just a few months away. I met an endocrinologist who gave me the reason for all the health troubles I had. Hypothyroidism (16 years old then), type 2 diabetes (5 years), and an age-related ankle degeneration that made it difficult for me to walk. I was touching 90 kg and couldn’t even hit the gym!

A newer version of me – symptom-free, leaner, stronger, and healthier

Finally, in May 2019, I met a yoga instructor who felt she could help me out of my predicament. She introduced me to Ariel Yoga since I couldn’t keep my foot on the floor. Thus began an arduous journey towards health and fitness. The past 4 years have been a roller coaster ride, particularly during the pandemic, and it was then that I got hooked on the online mode of learning. My journey took a huge leap last year when I started advanced yoga practice under guidance (online), and today, as I touch 44 years old, I am symptom-free, leaner, stronger, and healthier than I was even in my 20s.

Yoga is more than physical fitness

I have yoga to thank for more than just physical fitness. It has healed me emotionally and been a major catalyst in getting me out of the dark phase of anxiety neurosis. Yoga has made me confident enough to face any obstacles that come my way.

Yoga is a journey of continuous learning. I learn something new every day.

9 asanas that have shaped my life

  • Chakrasana: (back bend) offers a deep stretch for the chest and shoulder muscles, as well as the hip flexors. It enables you to breathe deeply along with improving spine mobility.
  • Trivikramasana, Vishwamitrasana: (hip opener) It stretches and tones the muscles of the arms. Legs and sciatic nerves. It strengthens the complete body as it involves intense focus and balance.
  • Pinchamayurasan: it is known to strengthen the upper back and arms. It improves the balancing ability of your body.
  • Handstand with a hollow back: this needs intensive shoulder strength, hamstring flexibility, wrist strength and mobility, core strength, and body intelligence so that you don’t injure yourself. Hence this is to be practised strictly under guidance. This is besides the benefits of doing inversions.
  • Maksikanagasan: since it involves intense core and arm strength and hip and spine flexibility, it enhances the same.
  • Twists: As someone with excess abdominal fat twists are my perennial nemesis! However, twisting aasanas help reduce belly fat and acts as spinal detox. They also improve spine mobility.
  • Vrichikasan: (scorpion) It’s a perfect toning asana for the body particularly for the back. It revitalizes the body systems and abdomen.
  • Ariel yoga: It’s a combination of arts and athleticism. It improves muscle strength a little more than using dumbbells and resistance bands. I am witness to the differences. Its known for its antiaging characteristics and I have experienced the same. Though I don’t get to practice it as regularly as I would want to.


  • If you are a beginner, it is better to start with offline practice so that the instructor can correct your alignments and posture.
  • Doing something wrong, even if it’s a simple asana, can injure you for life.
  • The process of performing the aasana is more important than the actual aasana itself.
  • Do not push your body beyond a certain limit. It can lead to injuries.
  • If there is a history of injury and/or medical conditions please share them with your instructor. Modifications can be made accordingly.

Yoga is not a challenge. It’s a way of life!


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