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The Kindness of The Monsoon Stranger

A poem on how a pleasant July evening was marred by heavy rain leaving the poet and her family stranded.

That was a pleasant evening in July

We leisurely booked a cab and headed to Shilparamam

It was to be a happy evening where we would indulge in shopping handicrafts

We hopped from stall to stall, my parents and three-year-old son gazed at the items displayed thoroughly

A miniature ceramic cup and saucer set, we bought from a stall

The giant terracotta handis and dolls impressed us all

We then enjoyed a boat ride too, yet out of nowhere the sky turned extremely cloudy sans a clue

We had not bothered to carry an umbrella, but the rain started pouring hard sans any hesitation

We hurriedly took shelter under a stall with plastic sheet sheds

Meanwhile, I tried to book a cab at the earliest

Yet none was coming our way, even after trying to book for over half an hour that day

The water had come to almost knee-deep level almost after an hour of flash floods bitter

The rain now reduced its intensity, but all the vehicles were stuck in the water-logged street

No vehicle could move from there, so we began to walk homeward sans any way

Buses, cars, bikes and cycles all had covered the path along with the dirty water

It made our walking even tougher

Sometimes, my father held my son on his lap, sometimes I took him while we all struggled to walk

After crossing the walls of Shilparamam, the trouble started even further

For, the water level here had risen up to our chests making us panic and bother

At this moment as we prayed for a miracle, a van supplying water cans just approached closer

We thanked our stars unanimously, when the driver, a saviour, a good Samaritan, agreed to help us cross the waterlogged inferno magically

Finally, our Monsoon Melodrama ended on a happy note

For we reached home, safe home wading through the waterlogged street for one and half hours sans rowing a boat

We keep thanking that van driver to date wholeheartedly

If he had not appeared that day, we would have perished surely.


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