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Declaration Of Results For August

August was about celebrating the various nuances of Freedom. It’s not about what we can do. It’s about who we are and celebrating it freely. Upholding our rights, our liberties, our values, and our opinions and exercising the right to implement them.

As always, our writers wrote on various aspects of freedom!

Let’s take a look at them

Are We Free To Live Our Freedom: 7 Women In Made In Heaven 2 Reveal It.

Promita shows us how freedom has been interpreted in the popular web series. The TSS Team would like to showcase this article as an example of how to present film reviews with the help of a tool. A very innovative way of presenting Freedom.

Learning To Travel Solo: An Achievement

Solo Trip: Is it fun? Or is it scary? Manjusha Dutta shares her experience of a trip where she had to travel on her own.

Is Motherhood The Benchmark Of Womanhood: Sara’s, A Film That Breaks Free Of The Notion

Deepika Ajith reviews a film that smashes all notions about motherhood and upholds the fact that it is better not to be a parent than a bad parent since parenthood is a huge responsibility.

My Mother – A Homemaker. But The Best Guide to Financial Independence

In this inspirational piece, Preethi shares her mother’s advice with us; “Financial independence is a must for everyone, especially women. Lifespan and relationships do not come with a guarantee.”

Sense of Freedom: 10 Questions That Help Us Rethink

Barnali reminds us all that we can truly be free only when we celebrate our differences. She highlights ten questions that help us analyse the true sense of freedom.

Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani: A Karan Johar Film With A Difference

Sreeparna Sen has written a review of the film, Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani.

To Travel Is To Chase Salvation: An Interpretation Of Freedom

Travelling sets us free. To travel is to escape from the mundane! In this article, Rishita leaves us with a profound thought. Freedom to her boils down to the essence of having the ability to do something without any ‘boundaries’. But what if there was no boundary in the first place?

Dancing for My Soul: The Perfect Idea Of Freedom

‘What will people say’ is one of the biggest worries for many. How dancing helped Manjusha break free of this inhibition remains the crux of the piece.

Revisiting The 3 Tenets Of Our Preamble: How Far Have We Arrived?

Harshita Nanda reminds us on the eve of Independence Day that the Preamble envisaged a free country upholding the tenets of justice, liberty, and equality. How far have we come?

The Zeal Amaranthine!

A poem on freedom penned down by our poet Ankurita Khajanchi.

Breaking free: Are we there yet? 12 Questions To Ponder

76 years after gaining freedom from the British, are Indian women truly free in all aspects? Deepa Perumal poses 12 questions that make us reflect. She ends her article by saying that freedom is a journey to self-discovery. Freedom is empowering. Freedom is fulfilling.

The Definition Of Freedom: ‘A Free State Of Mind’

The concept of freedom varies from person to person, leading to varied interpretations and a variety of definitions. Sonali presents her views and supports them with illustrations.

Freedom From Mosquitoes: Interesting Facts and 7 Home Remedies

August 20 is International Mosquito Day. Aditi Lahiry was commissioned to write a  piece where she lets us in on some interesting facts about the mosquito menace and lists down the home remedies that can tackle it. TSS would like to thank you for the submission.

International Dog Day: 7 Interesting Facts About Man’s Closest Companion And A Rescuer’s Account

International Dog Day is celebrated on August 26 every year. Prerana, a rescuer based in Bangalore, shares how it all began with her.

We are sure that our August issue will be an enriching read for our readers.

It’s time to declare the winners of August.

  • Manjusha Dutta contributed two articles. Dancing for My Soul: The Perfect Idea Of Freedom is a winner.
  • The other winners are Deepika Ajith for Is Motherhood The Benchmark Of Womanhood: Sara’s, A Film That Breaks Free Of The Notion and
  • Promita Banerjee Nag for Are We Free To Live Our Freedom: 7 Women In Made In Heaven 2 Reveal It.

Our Winners win a copy of the book ‘Miles & Fears’ written by Rekha Mordani.


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