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The guests wanted to have something sweet made by the newest bahu of the family. Krisha hesitantly prepared some 'sewaiya kheer' and served it with hot tea. But those two remarks from Bua saas and Mausa Ji made her nervous to the core.

“Some of the most elderly relatives are here till your reception day. So it is expected of you to wear saree and some ornaments till then”, Krisha’s mother-in-law instructed her in a calm voice.

It was Krisha’s first day at her new home. 

She and her husband Manan worked in the same bank but in different branches. They met in a destination training program organized by the bank three years ago, and after the initial basic conversations, both of them developed a liking towards each other. They bonded over gazals and mime acts as both were into miming in their free time. 

After completing two weeks of training, they performed a beautiful mime act together on the concluding day event, which helped pave the way into each other’s hearts from thereon. The two bankers in love hardly found time to go on exclusive dates, and their courtship phase primarily relied on phone and video calls.

Krisha’s parents readily accepted their relationship, and they regarded it as a well-matched Jodi. On the other hand, Manan’s mother wanted to discuss some issues with both of them. Krisha went to Manan’s house to have a chat with her.

“Both of you are posted in respectable positions at your workplaces, and it takes long hours to fulfill all the responsibilities there. It gets more stressful during the financial year-ending phase. You may not be able to meet each other even at the breakfast table then. You both need to attend different training programs, and it requires lots of traveling too. So how do you plan to manage everything post marriage?” 

Krisha smiled and measured her words in mind.

“Being in the same profession helps us in understanding each other’s time constraining situations and how to prepare ourselves beforehand so that our family life doesn’t get hampered, Aunty,” Krisha replied calmly. 

It felt like sitting in front of an interview board that evening!

She passed that interview with flying colors, and soon the marriage date was fixed a month later.

“Your mother-in-law is the strictest school principal ever. She is a thorough disciplinarian and very rigid to the school and home rules. So be prepared to face constant criticism in whatever you do or do not do.” Krisha’s cousin warned her just a week before the wedding. Her cousin was from Manan’s neighborhood, and those words made Krisha nervous a bit.

The wedding happened with funfair, and holding Manan’s hands, Krisha stepped into her new household. 

“The Sewaiya kheer is way too sweet, Krisha!”

“The milk tea is also very sweet. I cannot drink it!”

The guests wanted to have something sweet made by the newest bahu of the family. Krisha hesitantly prepared some ‘sewaiya kheer‘ and served it with hot tea. But those two remarks from Bua saas and Mausa Ji made her nervous to the core. 

“If you keep pouring so much sugar in everything, soon the family will develop diabetes! Haa haa haa.” Mausa Ji tried to make a joke out of the situation.

Krisha fell silent, and her eyes became moist.

“Learn some cooking along with the banking things, Bahu.” Another relative smirked.

“Krisha is a deputy manager in a reputed bank, Jijaji. She is leading an amazing career, and she should focus on taking it forward to new heights. I have a full-time caretaker who manages the household very efficiently. Krisha will cook whenever she feels like doing it, just like me. And as far as your tea is concerned, Manan has expertise in it! Manan beta, would you like to make your special tea for everyone?”

“Absolutely yes, Maa,” Manan smilingly replied.

Krisha’s tears knew no bounds. She just got the most happening surprise of her life in the form of her amazing mother-in-law.

“Don’t worry, Krisha, we are a team now,” saying this Purvij held her hand. A refreshing bond, shattering all the negative notions about in-laws, just began that moment. A freshly brewed rapport was about to make its mark in the most adorable way.

By Anuja Lopamudra Das

Hailing from a small town, Nagaon in Assam, Anuja’s love for writing bloomed mostly during her college days. With two super energetic kids and a busy household by her side, she follows her passion for writing and singing without fail and it keeps her going with full zeal. Blogging, cooking, and lots of reading are her besties and she promises herself not to part ways with them ever, no matter what. She can be contacted at

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