Being Women




We stand as equals. We both make a marriage work. We both make a relationship sustainable. We make what it takes to make a home out of a house. 

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এ’শহর জানে আমার সব কিছু

এরই মধ্যে, এই পাল্টাতে থাকা মফঃস্বল তার সব নিভৃত কাহিনীদের বুকে করে মার্কারি ভেপরের হিমঘেরা আলোয় ঘুমোতে যাবার তোড়জোড় করে। দেশলাই বাক্সের মতন সাজানো শোবার ঘরে রাত নামে। আহা! শীতে মনটা বড্ড আবদার-আবদার করে….।

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durga puja

The Tryst With The ‘Laal Paar Shaada’ Sari

In earlier times, since women got married early and often became widows at a tender age, all households had two sets of women, the widows and the married, clearly distinguished by the colour code. Saris were made from a white cloth, better known ‘thaan’ in Bengali. While the widows wore white, the married women had a red border.

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The Devi At The Door

So, this Pujo, let us pay homage to the true spirit of the Devi by facing our fears, overcoming our obstacles, and meriting our minutes to culminate in a future that fosters felicity and encourages emancipation.

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