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Love — The Greatest Treasure of All

The poem celebrates the beauty and magic of love. It seeks to tell the reader to look for this miracle within, rather than seek it outside. Most often, our human minds equate happiness with material things, but such happiness only gives fleeting moments of joy. The most important blessing in life is to experience love (not just a romantic relationship but love in any form). The happiness that comes from feeling true and pure love is worth all the treasures of the world.

The sun set beyond the horizon

The birds were flocking home to their nest

The silver moon would soon shine, I thought

And the stars would twinkle their best.

I was lost in thought about the beautiful cosmos

When the pink of the evening faded,

It was replaced by a grey, evil and monstrous

And before I knew, the beauty of the sky was invaded.

The wind was strong, the birds disappeared in the darkness

I thought, “Wow! Is it really going to rain?”

And then came the drops, loud and clear

They were bigger than the size of a grain.

The wind messed up my hair

And it hugged my cheeks

While the dark clouds and the sky beyond

Kept playing hide-and-seek.

The trees came alive and how

Their dusty leaves were washed clean,

They rustled and danced in joy

For they knew it was time for Spring.

I looked up at the dark skies

Opened my heart and my weary soul,

I wanted the rain to cleanse my mind

Of the anxieties I could no longer hold.

I closed my eyes and soaked in the beauty of the moment

I let the pitter-patter of raindrops sink in,

“Speak to me,” I said as I looked up

And waited for an answer to come to me.

“What is it that I want?” I asked

“Do I have everything I need?”

“Look into your heart,” a voice said

“If you have Love, you have all you need.”

I opened my eyes, the rain had stopped

And the clouds had drifted away,

I smiled to myself, and realised

The magic that the rain brought my way.

I stood with my hand on my heart

There, I held the greatest treasure on earth

It wasn’t gold or silver, nor diamonds or rubies

But pure, selfless Love.

I was no longer anxious, no longer afraid

For I knew I had the most powerful weapon with me,

Know this, my friend, if you have Love

Then you have everything you need.

By Moushumi Sharma Kaul

Moushumi Sharma Kaul is an editor by profession and writer by choice. She hails from Assam and is currently based in Brighton, England. Travel is her second love after her Kashmiri Pandit husband. When she is not blogging, she can be found at the beach looking at the stars or in a cafe sipping hot chocolate. She can be reached at

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