Being Women



এ’শহর জানে আমার সব কিছু

এরই মধ্যে, এই পাল্টাতে থাকা মফঃস্বল তার সব নিভৃত কাহিনীদের বুকে করে মার্কারি ভেপরের হিমঘেরা আলোয় ঘুমোতে যাবার তোড়জোড় করে। দেশলাই বাক্সের মতন সাজানো শোবার ঘরে রাত নামে। আহা! শীতে মনটা বড্ড আবদার-আবদার করে….।

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Trusting Myself To Love, Again

I am in love because I chose to gently lower my guard and be beautifully vulnerable with this wonderful man with whom every moment shared is worth my while. I have no regrets whatsoever.

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The Spring Bloom 

Their first meeting had been at a bloggers’ meet. He was fresh, and vivacious, and happy. Now, they would occasionally sit in a cafe that smells heavily of coffee beans and cheesy garlic bread, and buy one another coffee, looking into one another’s eyes. He was never tired of her, of listening to her pain, her unfulfilled desires, her midnight tears. Even amidst a crowd, he would find her. He could never miss her. His eyes would wade through even the most dingiest of places, thickly crowded, to her.

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The Bindi

He was exceptionally witty and upright just like her own father but was more friendly. Perhaps that was because he had to bring up Ria without a mother. He connected exceptionally well with the young. And he could make Ma laugh again.

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