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Aaji, Ajoba And A Tale Of Love

There is a constant comparison between Love now and Love then! But the realization of love is enwrapped in its core essence of respecting your partner's feelings and protecting them with all your heart. A septuagenarian Marathi couple started their marital journey on this sweetest note possible and found their love-struck moment fifty years ago. Find out how in this real-life inspired story by our hopelessly romantic lady, Anuja Lopamudra.

“A rainy evening in this February weather, just the way I like”, Aaji opened the balcony window to let the air bring the earthy fragrance inside.

“Some roasted Bhutta will be perfect for this evening. But I doubt if there’s any Bhuttawala available in the chowk!” Saying that, Aaji went to the kitchen and started making adrakwali chai.

“But Aaji, Ajoba has not come back yet. Why are you making tea now?” Nirali asked her grandmother.

“He’ll be home anytime now”, Aaji replied smilingly.

Just then, Ajoba entered the living room and handed over a bag full of roasted Bhutta to his loving wife.

“It started raining and I straightaway went to the chowk to fetch some Bhutta for you, Alaka”, Ajoba said lovingly.

Nirali was once again surprised to witness the amazing rapport this septuagenarian couple shared over all these years. They have been married for fifty years now and their chemistry is as fresh as a couple newly in love! Aaji somehow can sense her husband’s arrival time whenever he is out somewhere and finishes making his favourite tea just before he arrives at the front door! Ajoba often comes back with Aaji’s desired snacks or Gajra or ice cream without even being mentioned by her!

 Upon asking, Aaji replied, “We just kind of feel it. When you live with a person 24*7 for such a long period of time, the intermingling of each other’s habits and likes is bound to happen. Sometimes it feels like you know that person more than himself!”

“Hmm. So, Aaji. I wanted to know one thing. You both had a strict arranged marriage fifty years ago. Two powerful Maratha families decided to have a marital alliance, and thus your fate was decided by your orthodox parents. But when did you realize that you have fallen in love with your spouse? We say love at first sight, but obviously, it was not the case with you. Do you recall the time when you have actually developed the strongest feelings for him?” Nirali was curious to know what her grandmother had in store.

“I can tell you the exact moment, dear”, Aaji had a shy smile.

“Tell me all about it”, Nirali was thrilled to hear that.

“It was at the mandap itself during the final rituals of our wedding. All the Vedic rituals were done, and we were taking blessings of the elder ones of our families.  Suddenly, your Ajoba’s Fufaji stood up and said that one more family ritual is still left, and it needs to be done before Vidaai. My father politely asked him about the ritual and to our utter shock, Fufaji stated that it was the newly-wed bride’s naming ceremony! It was a custom of their village to change the bride’s name before entering the new family. The groom decides a name of his choice, and the bride will be known by that name only for the rest of her life. We knew that such kind of ritual was there in some parts of our state, but did not expect it from an educated family like your Ajoba’s! My father was already in tears, and I went numb hearing those words. But who would oppose to the groom side, as it would be highly disrespectful for them!” Aaji paused a little.

“Then what happened, Aaji?”

“All eyes were on Ajoba as he was going to announce a new name for me. But suddenly he stood up and went to my father. He held the shivering folded hands of my father and said in his deep voice…”

“What? Your name?”

“I am already taking your daughter away from you, but I won’t take away the beautiful name you gifted her the moment she was born. She will always be known as Alakananda, the name you chose for her.”

“Aww. Our Ajoba rocked the whole mandap that day!”

“Yes. My heart skipped a bit, and I felt this strange bout of emotions as his words kept spinning in my head. My name sounded more beautiful than ever in his voice. His stand assured me of a lifetime of happiness coming my way. And I guess that was the exact moment I fell for him”, Aaji was smiling ear to ear.

“Alaka, come here. Your favourite Sanjana is about to perform, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa already started”, Ajoba called from the living room.

Nirali kept looking at her beautiful grandmother as she walked away. Everyone has their own amazing stories of falling in love with the right person, but what transpired between this couple fifty years ago was extra special. Protecting your partner from any adverse or unwanted situation is one strong aspect of a healthy relationship, and when you start your conjugal journey on that note, it undoubtedly lays a strong foundation for a super special rapport.  “Keep them always happy and healthy, Bappa”, Nirali prayed to the Almighty.

By Anuja Lopamudra

Hailing from a small town, Nagaon in Assam, Anuja’s love for writing bloomed mostly during her college days. With two super energetic kids and a busy household by her side, she follows her passion for writing and singing without fail and it keeps her going with full zeal. Blogging, cooking, and lots of reading are her besties and she promises herself not to part ways with them ever, no matter what. She can be contacted at

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