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Frizzy Hair In Winter – A ‘Hair-raising’ Problem

Frizzy hair is a challenge during winter. Add on to it, an improper diet or an underlying physical condition or the various styling products that we use, its bound to be a bad-hair day. This winter, tackle your bad hair days by being cautious and adopting home remedies.

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Breast cancer

The Imperfects

Last year, I participated in a fashion show in October. After that experience, I
refused to be part of any such program this year. As I was twirling on stage the anchor
said, ‘Oh! She looks absolutely normal. You can never guess by looking at her.’

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Find Your Sleep

Sleep is often considered to be an unimportant activity. Working late at night or watching your favourite shows can make you feel good momentarily, but if continued for a long time, it will result in deterioration of health. What is needed is a sleep routine, that allows our bodies to get proper rest.

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Migraine , The Real Monster In Law

Lifestyle diseases have taken over our lives. And Migraine is one of its own kind. Severe throbbing pain, nausea, pulsating sensation and what all. Ask someone who has to bear this frequently and how deadly it is. An expert talks here about how you
can make yourself feel better.

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Balancing Between Mind And Body – This Is How I Survived

Planning a baby and delivering can take a toll on your mental and physical well-
being. Every woman has to go through it which can’t be avoided but you can always
work towards getting better. Our mind and health are inter-connected and thus we
must strive towards maintaining a balance between the two.

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