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The Mummy

When humour and horror go hand in hand it takes an unexpected turn and when it is about THE MUMMY (pun intended) it becomes more interesting.. Let's unveil what our character Devesh goes through in this horror comedy.

As usual it was midnight and I was not at all sleepy,

So decided to check my tinder profile as my regular therapy,

Anxiously praying to be happily hitched tonight,

I started swiping girls’ profiles left and right,

Just about to find the perfect match, I hear a sound creepy,

“Chhan Chhan Chhananan Chhan,”, it was scary,

Frightened soul in search of the source looked here and there,

Only eyes rolled, to get up from the bed did not dare,

“Hallucination man, mere hallucination”, my heart consoled,

Yet another scary noise, and I was clean bowled,

“Is it the scariest nun from The Conjuring,

Or the deadly girl from The Ring”

As I could only guess, a strong voice singing a song was heard,

Neither pop nor Bollywood, cannot understand a single word,

Blanket over my face, bhajan mode on, I don’t know when I slept,

The next morning sat for breakfast, everything from my mind swept,

When I hear the same “chhan chhan chhananan chhan” sound again,

Confused me, face turned blue, looked hither and thither,

Maa did you hear that sound?” I asked my mother,

“Oh that, it’s of the anklets your father gifted me, beautiful isn’t it?

Here take another parotha, and thank you so much beta for the beautiful gift,

The cell phone you gifted me has such great video quality,

Full night I could practice dandia with my girls of kitty party,

Since we are so busy doing all house hold chores in the day,

We need to practice for the dandiya competion which is on Tuesday.

Those Desirewood society ladies… huh…we have to defeat them this time beta,

The first prize has to be only ours, don’t worry you’ll get a lovely treat beta..”

I listening to mom awestruck (mouth wide open) while she applied sauce to the parotha,

“Are Dewesh, what’s the matter, c’mon have some more parotha…”

By Priyanka Patwari Sitani

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