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Celebrating Women in Medicine on Doctors’ Day

On this Doctors’ Day, we shine a light on the remarkable women in medicine who tirelessly work to advance healthcare and address women’s unique medical concerns. The She Saga spoke with three distinguished female doctors of the TSS family, from diverse medical backgrounds—Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy—to understand their challenges, triumphs, and perspectives on women’s health.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Nirza Saikia: An Obstetrician and Gynaecologist by profession and a passionate elocutionist, Dr. Nirza is also a Vedic numerologist, and tarot card reader. Her first love, however, has always been writing. She writes from the heart, sharing real-life encounters filled with high drama and near-death situations, while based from the Oil Town of Assam. Currently, Dr. Nirza works as a Senior Medical Officer in Digboi. She is also the President of the Rotary Club of Digboi and the Hon. Secretary of the IMA Digboi Branch. In her words, “I love being a doctor because I get to connect with so many different people and their stories.”

Dr. Lipika Mohapatra: A Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery with a Diploma in Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs, Dr. Lipika is focused on promoting healthy well-being and creating awareness about healthy living. Presently working as an Ayush Medical Officer under the NHM Government of Odisha, she is a passionate and hardworking doctor, poetess, and loving mother. She says, “Since childhood, I dreamed of serving and healing people. My goal is to prevent suffering and contribute to a healthier society. Today, I address a range of health issues in children and adolescents.”

Dr. Aparna Salvi Nagda: A consulting homeopath based in Mumbai, Dr. Aparna combines her medical practice with a passion for writing. She has authored a novel and several other literary works. In addition to her medical and literary pursuits, she is a biology teacher and co-runs Genius Academy, a coaching class in Dombivali. Aparna also dedicates her free time to volunteering for the Goonj Foundation. “I didn’t initially choose my profession; my mother did. But through me, she realized her dream of being a doctor. Today, it’s my identity, and I find immense satisfaction in saving lives and helping others,” she shares.

Unique Challenges and Rewards in Medicine

What are some of the unique challenges you face as a woman in your field of medicine, and what are the most rewarding aspects of your career?

Dr. Nirza (Allopathy): “As an obstetrician, I often face skepticism about my surgical skills. Patients are surprised to learn that I, a woman, will perform their surgeries. Despite this, witnessing the moment a newborn enters the world and being the first to hear their heartbeat is immensely rewarding. Balancing professional responsibilities with family life remains a challenge, but the emotional fulfillment of my work makes it worthwhile.”

Dr. Lipika (Ayurveda): “Convincing families about the psychological health issues faced by women and addressing societal issues like female foeticide and substance abuse are significant challenges. The most satisfying aspect of my career is transforming lives by convincing women to prioritize their health, thereby finding success in a male-dominated world.”Dr. Aparna (Homeopathy): “My primary challenge is overcoming self-doubt about my ability to help patients, a challenge free of gender bias. However, my patients’ understanding of my dual role as a doctor and a mother is incredibly rewarding. They appreciate my dedication to both my family and my profession.”

Prioritizing Preventive Healthcare

In your field of medicine, how can women prioritize preventive healthcare and incorporate practices from your field into their daily lives for a more holistic approach to wellness?

Dr. Nirza (Allopathy): “Preventive healthcare should start early. Encouraging young girls to adopt healthy lifestyles and engage in outdoor sports sets a foundation for lifelong wellness. It’s a cycle of inculcating and encouraging healthy habits from a young age.”

Dr. Lipika (Ayurveda): “Ayurveda emphasizes prevention as taught by Maharshi Charak and Maharshi Sushruta. The principle of ‘Swasthasya swasthya rakhshanam, aturasya vikara prashamanam cha’ translates to maintaining health and preventing disease through wellness practices and treating illnesses.”Dr. Aparna (Homeopathy): “Women must prioritize their health alongside their family’s health. Regular treatment adherence, regardless of the chosen medical system, is crucial for holistic wellness.”

Addressing Women’s Unique Health Concerns

Many women experience unique health concerns throughout their lives. Can you describe how your field of medicine addresses these specific needs and empowers women to take charge of their health?

Dr. Nirza (Allopathy): “Women’s health extends beyond physical wellness to include mental growth. I encourage partners to participate in consultations, fostering a supportive environment. This holistic approach balances medical treatments with emotional support.”

Dr. Lipika (Ayurveda): “Menstruation should not be stigmatized. Instead, girls should be cared for with cleanliness, hygiene, and a diet rich in ‘satvik ahaara.’ Regular yoga practices, such as Paschimottanasana, help alleviate menstrual cramps and prevent lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid issues, and PCOD.”Dr. Aparna (Homeopathy): “Homeopathy treats each woman as unique. For example, ten women with PCOS may have ten different hormonal imbalances. Homeopathy provides individualized treatment for mood swings and hormonal imbalances, empowering women to take control of their health.”

Advice for Young Women in Medicine

What advice would you give to young women considering a path in medicine?

Dr. Nirza (Allopathy): “Medicine is evolving rapidly. Maintaining ethics and honesty will serve you well in the long run. Focus on inner peace rather than getting caught in the rat race. Remember, life isn’t just about degrees and material success.”

Dr. Lipika (Ayurveda): “Education is crucial—not just in acquiring degrees but in breaking societal norms. Awareness and quality education empower women to challenge and change orthodox practices.”Dr. Aparna (Homeopathy): “Women naturally bring empathy and sensitivity to patient care, which is greatly needed today. I urge young women to pursue medicine. The satisfaction of saving lives is unparalleled.”


Dr. Nirza, Dr. Lipika, and Dr. Aparna have shown exceptional dedication and resilience in their fields, breaking barriers and empowering women to prioritize their health. We encourage young women to consider careers in medicine. The challenges are significant, but as these doctors demonstrate, the personal and professional rewards are profound.

Here’s to the women who lead, heal, and inspire.

By Deepa Perumal

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  1. Good n appreciable attempt towards healthy mankind. Ayurveda is the rich source of wellbeing. It needs much more awareness and appreciation

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