Being Women

Pearls of wisdom

The poem is about the pearl which endures a painful transformation. Despite the pain and isolation, the poet believes in the beauty of change and the possibility of achieving dreams.

I open my opaque eyelids beneath the azure sky,

Deep in the depths of blue ocean,

I am on way of transformation but I cry 

No one hears my screams or understand my dreams, 

But I am on a mission of becoming the jewel of the beautiful siren’s,

Be the birthstone of June born,

I am born to die.

I prove that transformation, 

And hopes or manifestations, 

Can be of reality and one should try.

As season change with pouring rains,

Exquisite Lotuses and Lily’s bloom,

I know seasons will change,

Happiness will come after gloom.

Keep smiling and trying 

Life is a beauty and changing,

Be the pearl in ocean to retrieve one should dive.


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