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From Teenage Crush to Signed Letter: My Incredible Encounter with R. Madhavan

Its the actor, Madhavan's birthday today! He was born on 1 June 1970 in Jamshedpur, Bihar (now in Jharkhand), India, to a Tamil Brahmin family. Happy birthday, Maddy!

Confessions of a Die-Hard R. Madhavan Fangirl

Everyone who knows me knows I’m the ultimate R. Madhavan fangirl—we’re talking OG status here!

So, this past Valentine’s Day, I decided to pour my heart out in a three-page love letter (yes, three!). It was a goofy, heartfelt ode to my long-time crush. My friends thought it was pure gold, and some even encouraged the crazy idea of sending it to the man himself. For the shy person that I am, it was mortifying! I mean, the guy gets mountains of fan mail, right?

But then, fate intervened! A month later, a dear friend landed a gig shooting with Madhavan himself. She offered to deliver the letter to him! I had some major butterflies, but the thrill of possibility outweighed the fear.

Despite being bedridden post-surgery (recovery be darned!) I hopped over to my friend’s place to deliver a printed copy of my letter. My friend, bless her soul, kept her word and passed it on to the legend.

A Signed Dream Come True

And this is where things get seriously swoon-worthy. This incredibly awesome dude took my letter to his caravan and read the whole thing. (Yes, all three glorious pages of it!) But wait, there’s more! To show his appreciation, he signed each and every page!

Mic drop. Can we take a moment to appreciate how down-to-earth this guy is?

Yeah, I died and went to Fangirl Heaven. This is the kind of man Madhavan is: a total sweetheart who takes the time to appreciate his fans. No wonder I’ve been crushing on him all these years!

More Than Just a Crush

So, on his birthday today, not only do I get to celebrate my idol, but I also get to share this incredible story with all of you. It’s a reminder, ladies, that age ain’t nothing but a number! Chase those dreams, no matter how crazy they seem. Don’t hold back from seizing what makes you happy. Who knows what magical things could happen?

A Birthday Message and a Reminder

Here is a shortened text of my love letter to The R. Madhavan (because I had to stay within the 1000-word limit)!

Happy Birthday, Maddy!!

**Can’t 40-somethings write love letters ?? **

It was the early 90s when Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, and my first crush from the boys’ school next door were ruling my teenage heart. Doordarshan was the only channel on TV then. DD Metro and some of its programmes were a thrill, especially the “hip” programme “Superhit Mukkabala,” featuring film songs!

That’s how I saw you on TV for the first time in my life.

Dearest Maddy, If I don’t write you a love letter this Valentine’s Day, then when?!

  • The tall, thin young man held an instant attraction for me. Crush at first sight!
  • Was it that dazzling smile?
  • Or those twinkling eyes with a hint of mischief?
  • Or that easy, confident talk that left me captivated?

From TV Star to Heartthrob

For someone who spoke Hindi with such effortless grace, the name ‘Madhavan’ offered a delightful surprise. Later, learning you hail from South India, a Tamilian no less, set my heart fluttering!! As a 14-year-old girl from the small city of Trivandrum, it was the first time I truly understood how art could transcend language, uniting people through shared emotions.

Later, you started appearing in commercials and serials like “A Mouthful of Sky,” “Aarohan,” and “Saaya.” But my favourite character was the lovable Preet in “Seahawks” (1997).

The Dawn of a New Era

Then, one fateful Friday in 1999, as I was flipping through the film supplement of The Hindu newspaper, a half-page photo caught my eye… A handsome man in a red sweater, mid-jump, holding onto a tree… My favourite director, Mani Ratnam, was making a new film! And the hero? A newbie: R. Madhavan!!! 

The wait was agonising!

In April 2000, ‘Alaipayuthe’ arrived, ushering in the era of “Penkal Nenjai Kollai Kollum Vellai Madhavaa”! (The fair Madhavan who steals women’s hearts)

After the movie title rolled, the screen came alive. There you were, riding a bike with headphones on. With your head nodding to the energetic beats of ‘Endrendrum Punnagai’, a dazzling smile, and the effortless grace of your bike handling, you captivated the audience for two minutes—just your face in a close-up, on the big silver screen!

Beyond the Chocolate Boy Image

This hopeless, smitten teenager was sporting a ‘Mudivilla punnagai’ (endless grin). Hopefully, my Amma sitting beside me didn’t notice my full-blown fangirling!

My favourite scene from this cult movie is the “Yevano Oruvan” song. How beautifully you have captured the expressions of happiness, sadness, and relief of the lover who came searching for his beloved!!

You kept on proving your range through Ayutha Ezhuthu and Kannathil Muthmittal, even when you were enthralling our hearts with Minnale, Run, Dum Dum Dum…

My Admiration Continues

But here’s my one complaint…

I was newly married when I dragged my husband to watch ‘Nalacharitam.’ (Bless his patient heart!) It was our first movie after my wedding. He’d been a good sport, tolerating my ‘Madhavan craze’ for months, but nothing could have prepared him for that film—it was total damage!

From Fan to Proud Supporter

Meanwhile, you have also conquered Bollywood—the sharp reporter Shyam Saxena, and the unforgettable Farhan—each role is a testament to your versatility. You only get more Vaseegaran (charmer) with age, like fine wine! I can’t wait to watch “Shaitaan finally.” Your performance in negative roles like Inba in “Ayutha Ezhuthu” and “Nishabdh” stunned me.

The happiest moment was seeing you step behind the camera with Rocketry in 2022! I felt proud when it got the National Award for Best Film!

As the Chairman of India’s premier film institute, FTII, I’m sure you’ll inspire and guide the next generation of storytellers.

Dear Maddy,

May your journey in cinema as an actor and director continue to inspire and energise you. I look forward to your future ventures. Remember, many fans here are cheering for you, with the same starry twinkle in our eyes, looking at our “Rahasiya Snehithan”! (secret guy-friend)


A fan girl


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