Being Women

Acceptance? A Whispered Truth

A young woman, fearing rejection, struggles to tell her parents she's not straight. Despite the repeal of Section 377, the truth remains unspoken and societal prejudice rules.

Trembling voice sneaking through the air,

“Dad, it’s importance please bear..”

She stood still behind the bedroom door,

“Mom, listen carefully. Stop all chore,

Courage it takes to admit,

But only if you both permit,

Like all I have my own choice,

But unlike all I can’t raise my voice.”

Confused parents, courageous girl,

Tears rolling down shining as pearl,

“Dad you’ve raised me right,

Please try to understand my insight,

My orientation is not straight,

For which forever me u’ll both hate,

Accept me the way I am will you?”

Numb hands face turned blue,

Warm hug followed by kisses,

“we love you, may true be all your wishes..”

Tears rolling down the eyes,

It’s a dream only to realize,

“It’s our upbringing that our daughter is safe,

This removal of section 377 has made youth its slave.”

The parents thanked God for their daughter being straight,

While she stood there only to realise her parents hate,

Views exchanged, news continued,

Society rejected even when laws amended….


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