Being Women

Unleash the Fury: The Power of Unapologetic Women

A poem that rejects narratives of female suffering. It celebrates women who embrace their rage and reclaim their power.

I do not want to read about women suffering.

I am tired of women being martyrs.

Of women being constantly honest about their misery. 

Of women ripping themselves to shreds again and again just to prove their humanity.

Of women practising their sorrows in front of mirrors. 

Of women making a performance out of every cruelty. 

Of women knowing they are useful only in their hurt and grief.

Of women retelling every tale of anger as one of agony. 

Of women only being real if they are constantly reliving their own lamenting. 

Give me angry women. 

Give me women pissed off and furious.

Give me women who do not forgive, who never forget. 

Women who are seeking revenge.

Women who have claws for hands and flames for thighs- The women everyone tells me are not right. 

Women driven mad with their resentment, not their misery. 

Women who allow themselves to behave like monsters because they deserve to devour their own grief. 

Women tired of being correct and good and kind. 

Women who unlearned the art of shrinking away from their own lives. 

Shubhasree Rath

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