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Two( A Poem)

Two souls forever entwined, a love story for the ages.

Two hearts entwined, a dance in moonlight’s glow

Whispers of love, a silent, tender echo

Two souls colliding, destiny’s gentle hand

In the vast cosmos, a cosmic love strand

Two hearts in sync, a symphony of thoughts

Through life’s labyrinth, in love’s embrace, they are caught

Two paths converging, fate’s intricate design

Through storms and sunshine, their love does shine

Two dreams intertwined, a shared vision bright

Facing the world hand in hand, a pure delight

Two laughter mingling, joy’s sweet melody

In every season, their love’s a jubilee

Two promises spoken, vows that never wane

Enduring time, like an everlasting  refrain

Two, a magic number, a symmetrical embrace

A love story written in time and space.

(This was an entry to the contest ‘Two’ commemorating the second anniversary of The She Saga)

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