Being Women

Women, War & Peace

The poem is about a woman trapped in a rigid society. She fights a lonely battle for freedom. Constantly battered by societal expectations, she yearns for peace.

Gliding across the brilliant canvas of cerulean

Or the vast expanse of an endless ocean…

She yearns to fly free from the confines of wired cages,

The painful memories, phases and brutal stages

Untold turmoils escalate a hurricane in her mind

Barbaric norms tie up her splintered  dreams in a bind

In every chaos she’s a losing soldier,

Fighting a lone battle on the rugged frontier

Destined and doomed to be the silent martyr,

Medieval societal mindsets are her glorious barrier!

She’s the angel of peace, a goddess of war

In a quest for her solace to restore,

She wants to escape from this cacophony, furore

To break free from the shackles and chains,

Ties and bonds which stifles and restrains!

Peace is an oasis in a distant desert dream

Sandstorms rip her apart, scorching sun doesn’t a pity deem!

The tempestuous winds of mayhem toss and turn

The blazing fires of trials crackle and burn

She stays huddled in a corner in fright and fear

Stay within these walls boom voices loud and clear

When will she let go, be carefree, go with the flow?

When will destiny reward her with a fortune aglow?


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