Being Women

Her (A Poem Celebrating Womanhood)

An ode to the beauty and strength of women. A gift from God, she deserves to be respected and appreciated for all that she is.

A soul so beautiful 

Who makes life colourful.

A lively spirit,

Always there for you within a minute!!

Her heart full of love,

Always rises above.

Such is her beauty,

That one falls in love with her truly.

Her mind full of care,

She always chooses to be fair.

God couldn’t be everywhere,

So he created her to be there.

Her fears and her tears,

Shape up her years.

She wears all her scars.

Like stars!!

A woman knows her way,

You must listen what she has to say.

Her charm makes you smile.

She always pushes you to reach the farthest mile.

Make her feel special all the way.

Acknowledge her worth every day.

Like the depth of an ocean,

an entire constellation.

You might only see her gender,

But she’s strong, deep and tender.

She comes with so much greatness

That fills the world with goodness.

It’s true she’s an interesting sage.

But her soul’s always in lightning range.

To be born a human.

Oh, what an honour it is to be a woman!!


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