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The Power Of Two – A Mother’s Story Of Love And Transformation

In February, the author welcomes her newborn son, and discovers a powerful transformation within herself.

The Power of February Resolutions, Love, and Hope

The second month of the year! The month is dedicated to love. This is the month when our resolutions are taking shape. The month of regeneration.

How fortunate I consider myself to be able to bring to this world the love of my life in this very month itself! I tasted the sweet nectar of motherhood on February 20.

The Power of TWO! One is the month and the other is the date.

What more could I ask for?

The Joy of Motherhood

This second month of the year made me realise the inner, dormant potential of myself as a mother. I have always considered myself a timid human being who gets stressed out very easily. I thought that I was someone who bowed down before challenges and could never face them.

February proved me wrong.

Discovering My Inner Strength as a Mother

I remember the night vividly. It was the second day of my baby boy. He was in the baby room, though, and not with me due to a high bilirubin issue. I had a cesarean delivery and was instructed not to venture around alone. The doctor had instructed the nurses to bring my child over to me for breastfeeding after every required interval.

Things were going fine when suddenly at around 2 a.m. in the middle of the night, I jerked out of bed. I could feel something was wrong with my child. I could sense the weightiness of my breast and realised that the nurses had not brought him over to me to be fed. My surplus milk was dripping. My dress was wet.

I was convinced that my baby was hungry.

A Mother’s Intuition

Immediately, I got out of bed and came out of my room. My husband was in deep sleep in the bed available for the attendants. I had no time to wake him up. As I climbed the stairs and made my way to the baby room, I completely forgot the fact that I had stitches on my stomach. The stitches were fresh and they hurt. Not for a second did I feel weak or tired. I walked in.

What I anticipated turned out to be true. My boy was hungry. He was wailing. The nurse said that she wanted me to take rest. Politely but firmly, I instructed the nurse not to repeat such an instance. She put my child on my lap. And as I fed him, I could feel that I had transformed.

Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. All for the sake of my son.

And that too, only within two days!

Didn’t I say in the beginning that February is the month of regeneration? The month to trudge on the resolutions that we have made at the beginning of the year? To feel good that we are finally trying to fulfil those and move forward in life?

As I walked down the stairs again to go back to the cabin and my boy was placed back in the incubator, I met his paediatrician coming up the stairs. He was shocked to see me all alone in the wee hours of the night.

“Why are you climbing up and down the staircase unassisted?” He appeared shocked. “You might feel dizzy and fall. It can be risky. Don’t do this.”

I smiled and assured him that I was fine. But he was not convinced. He called up a nurse and asked her to accompany me to my cabin.

The Unexplained Connection

For me, that was just the beginning! That night, as my child sucked away hungrily, I wondered what exactly made me rush to him with the thought that he was crying.

Motherly instinct, was it?

On second thoughts, I realised that it was the power of the deep bond. The bond of the umbilical cord. The cord that ties two entities. The mother and her baby boy.

The Power of Two, indeed!

(This was an entry for the contest ‘Two’ to commemorate the second birthday of The She Saga.)

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