Being Women

The Forgotten Women…

International Women’s Day is on the 8th of March,

Women are celebrated on this day who have no match,

Every such successful woman recognised

Who are achievers, trendsetters or stereotype breakers,

They are the believers!

All these women to date, are bestowed with dual responsibilities,

Twirling around – household errands to kids to family to office, without empathy,

Ever wondered how they manage to be on top along with hard work and dedication?

Only coz they’re backed by wonderful women who help them handle any difficult situation.

Without household worries focus on their projects and achieve recognition,

Focus on work and minimise transition.

One of those forgotten lovely ladies is the domestic help,

We still don’t acknowledge.

Despite being underprivileged, their hardships, they do their work,

Why do we forget them and their contribution?

Why do we just ignore their addition?

Without them, taking care of our responsibilities back home, we couldn’t calmly focus on work and in our field outshone.

Real women empowerment for me starts with those lovely ladies,

Who leave behind their home to take care of our babies,

With little pay and time, try to manage their home,

Do their best day and night,

For me, they are the queen to the throne,

Heard people say ‘Behind every successful woman there’s a progressive man,’

I still believe the role is more of a woman.

This Women’s Day, let’s give her the share of the appreciation she deserves,

Her share of respect and honour

Let’s pledge to be kind to her, acknowledge her efforts, and make her feel special at least for the day.

Every woman needs to be celebrated not just on Women’s Day

Since every day is Women’s Day!


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