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Romance Rewind: Whispers Of Love In The Woods

A short story on love

It was early February. The month of Romance. The month of warmth and togetherness. The month when love was in the air.

Shillong, a beautiful hill station with breathtaking natural beauty, was still enveloped under a thick layer of winter. The wind made the clouds scatter all over the sky and cover up the sun. This made the weather chilly indeed! And this forced the people residing there to be wrapped under a thick layer of woollens.

The late afternoons were beginning to feel bitter cold. This kind of weather forced people to stay indoors, unless and until the situation demanded otherwise. She walked through the narrow lanes in between the bushes. One could already see the mist settling on the grass. Ruchi felt like removing her sneakers and grazing her feet on the mist. But she moved on.

She wore a white, laced top with a deep neck. Her blue jeans were torn at the knee. A black shawl wrapped her petite body which camouflaged with her long, curly hair. That made her twenty-year-old body a tad more desirable. She did not cover up her body in woollens deliberately. She knew she would feel hot as she would have to walk to the woods. And it was quite a distance from her residence.

Ruchi bit her lips time and again enigmatically. Her kohl-laced eyes spoke more than her words. She was a dream in every sense. At least to the man who stood waiting for her behind one of the pine trees.

Ruchi reached the woods. The tall pine trees stood straight in such a strong cluster that the place appeared dark and mysterious in the fading light of the afternoon sun. She stood waiting. Not a soul was around. Only the soft, whispering sound of the wind could be heard among the leaves of the pine trees. And then when she realized that there was no one peering at her, she sneaked into the wood surreptitiously. Something that she was unapologetic about.

Rajiv watched her coming from a distance. He had settled himself amidst a clearing. The branch of a leaning tree supported his tall, muscular body. His gaze was fixed on her.

He took out his spectacles and moved his hands between his black, wavy hair. He gushed! How long had he waited for this moment?

Ruchi approached him. She was sweating. Her cheeks were red. She was panting heavily due to the hasty steps she took to reach Rajiv.

He stretched out his arms to hold her. Both their eyes met. Rajiv and Ruchi smiled at each other.

She submitted herself in his arms and stayed there until Rajiv whispered,” Look at me, Ruchi.”

She buried her face on his chest and refused to look at him. They remained in each other’s arms for the next few moments when she felt his lips brushing against hers. Warm, rough and full of passion.

Slowly, she could feel Rajiv’s hands around her waist. She loved his grip on her body. Warm and tight.

Ruchi loved this adventure of hers. She was deeply in love with Rajiv and enjoyed these momentary escapades. This made her feel that she could entice Rajiv, the love of her life, anytime.

They clung to each other in a passionate embrace for the next few minutes.

“Happy twenty-fifth anniversary, Mrs Ruchi Rajiv Choudhury!” Rajiv whispered in Ruchi’s ear. She chuckled. They stood, entangled in each other’s arms, breathing heavily, feeling each other’s breath.

The leaves of the trees around them made a rustling sound under their feet. Few leaves fell on them to which they remained oblivious, engrossed in each other.

“ This is our best anniversary celebration, Rajiv,” Ruchi murmured, placing her head on his chest.

“The same wood, the same ambience, the same people,” she continued. “Only twenty-five years have flown away in the middle. How I longed for this place! Thank you for bringing me back here on this special day. This is so much better than some themed party celebration amidst some noisy, crowded people.”

Ruchi looked up. Their eyes met.

“This is what I call, Romance Rewind, Ruchi. This is the place where we have our souls. My Ruchi in her younger days, sneaking in the woods to meet me. I wanted to get you back in this wood. Once again. And revive those memories.”

Ruchi closed her eyes. She remained quiet. Rajiv planted a kiss on her eyes and then on her forehead.

The soft breeze blew away amidst the green foliage. Some unknown birds flew away in the hues of the setting sun somewhere in the faraway, creating an indistinct chatter.

Rajiv pulled the shawl on Ruchi and tucked himself inside.

It was a chilly February evening. Typical Shillong weather!


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