Being Women

Lost Lullabies: A Child’s Plea for Peace

A poignant plea for peace, a desperate search for a place where love reigns over hate, and where children can learn and dream without fear.

I asked so many –

A question bugging me from quite long ….

Which is the safest place for children

A place they can call as their own ?

Where there’s no division of caste or creed 

Or religious hatred grown

A place secured and safe 

Where dear ones haven’t left 

Where they are not in despair 

Where love is seeded and not hatred and fear 

Where schools may not turn to graves 

Where they won’t lose their parents’ nest

Where they won’t lose their sleep 

Where their hopes and dreams are not stabbed steep 

Where there’s clear sky, not the sight of missiles thrown 

Where they can hear the birds chirp and not the siren roars 

Not hounded with the sight of ambulance fleet 

Where they need not find teddy from heaps of concrete 

Who’s going to give them food or water 

Who’s going to give them a shelter amidst the fear 

I wonder who’s winning the war?

Where the missiles target the innocent and no one cares 

The superpowers of the globe meet and greet 

They don’t care to notice the stains of bloodshed on the street!

The fleet of high-tech missiles 

Can catch the radars of opposite strikes 

They can’t wipe off the tears from the innocent eyes 

They can’t promise a safe shelter for the ordinary lives 

They can smear off a mother’s lap in no time at all

A father’s hand is holding the corpse of his lad wailing out loud 

An injured girl crying out for her mother’s hand 

She won’t be able to eat or even stand 

So the safe haven for the children is now a lie 

When humanity has died long back and barbaric killings across the sky!

The question still lingers on my mind 

Is there any way we can find 

A safe place for the innocent lives?

Who can learn the language of love and care 

And teach the world leaders what’s fair!


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4 Responses

  1. Well Crafted ❤️ if only the world would have been more compassionate we would be living in a better place

  2. Very well written…the harsh reality is that those who want war don’t go to war and like any other calamities the most affected part of war is women,elderly persons and children and that is well delineated by your poem

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