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Goa Getaway: 10 Friends, 4 Days, Endless Laughter And Unforgettable Memories

The trip was a chance to relive the good old times as well as to appreciate the women we had become. Every moment was a testament to our strong friendship and the joy of creating new memories together.

WhatsApp Whispers to Beach Bonfires

It all started with a WhatsApp group chat that quickly transformed into a whirlwind of excitement, plans, and anticipation. The idea of our first girls’ trip had been on our minds for a while, but it took a few spontaneous messages to turn it into a reality. 10 of us, school and college friends who had stayed close through the years, decided it was time to create some unforgettable memories together.

The Chaotic Planning for Goa

Planning this adventure was an adventure in itself. We debated destinations, accommodation options, budgets, and activities. In the end, we settled on a picturesque coastal town that promised sun, sand, and serenity. Flights were booked, hotel reservations confirmed, and a detailed itinerary was meticulously crafted. We couldn’t contain our excitement.

As the day of departure drew near, the group chat buzzed with anticipation. Packing lists were shared, travel tips were exchanged, and last-minute jitters were discussed. But when we finally gathered at the airport on arrival, all anxieties vanished, replaced by sheer excitement and happiness. This was it—our first girls’ trip together.

Our Joyful Arrival 

Arriving at our destination, the coastal town welcomed us with live music and dance by an amazing local band, stunning vistas, and a refreshing sea breeze. Our hotel was considerate enough and gave us rooms next to each other. During those 4 days, the air on our floor was filled with the infectious sounds of giggles and laughter, creating a lively and joyous atmosphere.

Reminiscing and Celebrating the Women We’ve Become

We spent our days exploring, swimming in crystal-clear waters, visiting the famous beaches, shopping at the flea market, and indulging in delicious local cuisine. The nights were filled with heartfelt laughter. In our conversations, we celebrated each other’s quirks and shared stories from our school days. The trip was a chance to relive the good old times as well as to appreciate the women we had become. Every moment was a testament to our strong friendship and the joy of creating new memories together.

Celebrating Sisterhood

The highlight of our trip was undoubtedly the traveller (all thanks to Debalina Debroy for the smooth arrangements), who took us around the city and explored the coastal trails. We drove along the shoreline, stopping to take photos and simply savour the beauty of nature.

From saree’ing at the beach to making memories at a famous spot on Para Road to having a poolside bash to dance to the tunes of ghoomar, from wearing colour-coordinated dresses to making reels on trending songs whenever we got a chance, we did it all! We explored Goa like never before. For most of us, it wasn’t our first visit to the coastal town, but it was one of the best, as we explored each spot with new zeal and enthusiasm.

Each day was filled with both adventure and tranquillity, reinforcing the bond between us. We laughed, we cried, and we reaffirmed our friendship, all against the backdrop of a breathtaking coastal paradise.

Goodbye for now

As our trip came to an end, we couldn’t help but feel a mixture of sadness and contentment. It was our first girls’ trip, but it certainly wouldn’t be our last. We left with our hearts full of beautiful memories, promises to stay in touch, and a shared determination to plan many more adventures together. This trip had brought us closer than ever before. Our first girls’ trip was a reminder that sometimes the best adventures are the ones you take with the people who have known you the longest.

In the end, it wasn’t just a trip; it was a journey of rediscovery, bonding, and the creation of indelible memories with the friends with whom we have shared our growing-up years!

It’s been more than a couple of weeks since we got back from our trip, but the hangover is still there. It feels like we are lost in the blissful haze and never want to wake up. Here’s to countless more adventures and unforgettable trips!


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