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Koffee With Karan: Has The Koffee Gotten Cold?

Season 8 is a mellowed and watered-down version of previous ones; the Koffee has gotten Kold. (Or is it Karan’s Konscience?)

I looked forward to the latest episode of Koffee with Karan starring actresses Ananya Panday and Sara Ali Khan, mainly because I admire Sara. Her interviews are full of spunk and spirit and are fun to watch. How many celebrities use words like ‘cerebral’ and ‘self-deprecating’? The girl has wit and vocabulary. Sadly, the same can’t be said of her films, though. Additionally, with Ananya Panday in the mix, there are bound to be a few ‘just joking’ moments. 

Watchable but boring

The episode was watchable but edged towards boring. It reminded me of two high school girls whispering secrets, using code names, and rolling their eyes at each other. Karan seemed privy to whatever silent conversation was going on and joined in the giggling. I couldn’t help but remember my school days and the class teacher asking the students, “Why are you laughing? What is so funny? If it is a joke, share it with the entire class!”  As a viewer, that’s exactly how I felt.

The mystery around Orry

The first mystery of the evening was ‘Who is Orry?’ If you follow Instagram, you’d probably know that Orry (Orhan) is someone who appears in every celeb party photo, but the public has no clue as to what he does for a living. In a viral video interview, the interviewer asked Orry about his work, he replied that he worked hard. On himself. Massages. Pilates. You get the drift. Sara and Ananya evaded the answer, and somehow it didn’t look like they knew either. Karan wanted an occupation; the duo replied in adjectives. Funny, loved, misunderstood, etc.

Even Karan seemed flummoxed but didn’t press too much. Unable to bear the suspense, I put my incredible sleuthing skills to use and solved the mystery. Orry is not an Anna Sorokin in the making. He works at Reliance as ‘Manager of special projects’. This was discovered through a simple LinkedIn search! Watch and learn, people.

Games that failed to engage

The episode also featured an A-Z continue-the-sentence game which barely made an impact. The only takeaway was that these girls needed more practice with the English alphabet to remember which letter came next!

Sara is relatable but appears withdrawn

Sara seemed to be more withdrawn than usual; I missed her fire. However, some of her confessions were endearing and relatable; like how looks were never part of her personality for a large part of her life. Her weight loss journey is so inspiring! She also talked about how her mother’s validation means everything to her. But what’s with objectifying men? Vijay Devarakonda was compared to a platter of cheese last season. This time, Aditya Roy Kapoor is compared to a hamper. 

Ananya’s honest admission

Ananya had a few moments; like how she speaks without thinking, how she craves validation, how she leans on her mother for advice, and the ‘Liger’ in the room- her budding romance with Aditya Roy Kapoor. It was hinted at, at least six times. (Ananya ‘coy’ Kapoor, Aashiqui, Night Manager, etc). I wanted to scream aloud, dude! We get it! This is not a UPSC exam prep.

No major revelations

Overall, there were no major revelations, apart from the fact that Sara is single, but Ananya is not. Sara has a degree, but Ananya does not. The camaraderie between the two girls looked genuine, despite both of them having had a common ex in the past.

Has the Koffee gotten cold?

Season 8 is a mellowed and watered-down version of previous ones; the Koffee has gotten Kold. (Or is it Karan’s Konscience?) The Gram does a better job on Bollywood gossip. It would be nice to have new faces for a change- the celebrity list is getting too repetitive, and we are tired of hearing the same politically correct stories.

Disclaimer: Hotstar unlike Netflix does not have a 1.5X feature. There was quite a bit of fast-forwarding involved in the viewing. Missing any other valuable nuggets is purely not coincidental.


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