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Jaane Jaan: A Review

Kabita recounts a chance meeting with Vijay Verma and presents her review of Jaane Jaan

(Jaane Jaan story: The crime drama follows the story of a single mother and her daughter, who find themselves entangled in a murder. They find an unexpected ally in their neighbour, a simple but genius teacher while navigating the ongoing police investigation.)

  • Release Date 21 September 2023
  • Language Hindi
  • Dubbed In English, Tamil, Telugu, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Genre Mystery, Thriller
  • Duration 2h 19min
  • Cast Kareena Kapoor Khan, Jaideep Ahlawat, Vijay Varma, Lin Laishram, Naisha Khanna, Shyam Gopal, Uditi Singh
  • Director Sujoy Ghosh
  • Writer Sujoy Ghosh, Keigo Higashino, Raj Vasant
  • Cinematography Avik Mukhopadhyay
  • Music Sachin-Jigar
  • Producer Jay Shewakramani, Akshai Puri, Hyunwoo Thomas Kim, Shobha Kapoor, Ekta R Kapoor
  • Production 12th Street Entertainment, Northern Lights Films, Kross Pictures, Balaji Motion Pictures
  • Certificate 16+

It was one fine evening in the Glenarys, Darjeeling when just like others, we were sipping tea. My sister was ordering at the counter when she noticed a celebrity and came back to inform us. “Arey that Gully boy actor is here.”

A star-struck person, I immediately rushed out to see who he was.

I remember watching him in the Netflix series “SHE” but could hardly recall anything else at the moment to tell him. When the spiked-haired man asked me to wait so that he could first gorge on his burger, I began googling information, the first being his name. It is true Bollywood has fascinated us since a young age, the actors are larger than life and we as commoners are left in awe of their presence.

I came back to him after he had finished his burger. I remember saying something silly about his previous works. I somehow managed to click a selfie and left grinning.

Cut to 2023, Vijay Verma has already become a popular face, courtesy of the Netflix webseries, “The Lust Stories 2” and “The Darlings”.

The incident at Darjeeling became vague in my memory until the time I found Jaanejan on Netflix. When I started watching Jaanejan, I gave pauses not just to keep pace with what was happening. There were already so many reviews and watching it with the intent of looking into minor details was unmissable. 

I have only watched Jaideep Ahlawat as a RAW agent Mir in Alia Bhatt starrer Raazi and in the popular web series Patallok. I spent a major amount of time observing his behaviour in the movie, expecting something bizarre.

Coming back to Vijay Verma, I couldn’t imagine that the spiked-hair man in Glenarys would look so good on screen to overshadow the other talented actor (Jaideep Ahlawat). And that also forms a part of the storyline where we find Ahlawat envious of Verma’s unconventionally good looks.

I can’t disclose much about the story as it’s a thriller-cum -suspense story. But I am sure that those who watch Netflix regularly must have surely watched it. And those who have read “The Devotion of Suspect X” can answer a few questions.

Kareena Kapoor is definitely someone I can miss in my review, having watched her for so many years she remains surreal. The song, “Aah jaane jaan.….” starring Helen in the backdrop, the Karaoke bar, the soft, scintillating movements of Maya D’souza with Inspector Karan, is possible only by an actress of her calibre.

I cannot end this if I do not mention the other actors mostly from regional films who made the film real. Karma Takapa played an additional cop and Lin Laishram / Prema working in the cafe Tiffin owned by Maya Dsouza played a convincing role.

I don’t think anyone can get away with murder, but set in the backdrop of Kalimpong, this murder love story is a sure entertainer one must watch.


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