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Feminism – The Motive and Misinterpretation of the Concept

Do you know what feminism is? Not pseudo-feminism, because it doesn't exist. Pseudo means fake, and something that is fake has no existence in this world, so only true feminism exists.

In the broad daylight, when I see parochial attitude still prevails in the society;

My heart yelps, 

A scream of sorrow,

A scream of helplessness,

Scream of hopelessness.

Where the river amid nature always flows forward, 

Our minds still stuck in the never-ending backwardness.

Where the sun’s warmth is enough to spread a smile, 

Women’s little wishes to be with their parents are within the clutches of cold-hearted patriarchy.

Where the star shines bright ; 

But the society is still based on dark unproven rituals and customs.

It’s time to stand alone if not supported.

It’s time to relive our wishes.

I speak for not me but for a thousand others.

To break through the fetters, to cut the shackles.

Let equality win.

Let tranquillity prevail.

Let peace be restored!

To all the concerned ‘Men’, Do not be scared of your strength being taken away

We’re not snatching your power; do not be scared of your strength being taken away. But Beware! We won’t allow you to show your power to us as well. Do you know what feminism is? Yes, I’m speaking about feminism, not pseudo-feminism, because it doesn’t exist. Pseudo means fake, and something that is fake has no existence for me in this world, so only true feminism exists.

The need for feminism

Feminism doesn’t demand power over men; it speaks about equal rights. Why was there even a need to initiate such a movement in the past?

Well, it’s simple because women were deprived of their rights and privileges.

Why were they discriminated against in the first place? And if women claim their rights at present, they are being looked down upon by some possessive men as if patriarchy is their possession. If claiming equality in terms of gender makes me a feminist in a gloom-ridden way, then yes, I’m a feminist.

The term feminism was used by women across the world to claim their basic rights, like suffrage and women’s partisan activism. After lots of struggle and fighting, they achieved success. With time, the necessities changed. Once the basic needs are fulfilled, humans tend to move on to higher needs (as beautifully explained by Maslow in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).

The scope is bigger. Women have now started questioning the validity of the age-old customs and rituals being practised in our society from time immemorial, which ultimately had always hurt the sentiments of women, thereby creating a gap in the rights of men and women.

Questions that we need to ponder about

A few questions that might sound silly but are actually a serious concern for those women who want to live happily without sacrificing their wishes are as follows:

  • ∆ Why were women forced to leave their parents after marriage? Is that just because we are female? If you ask some random person why only I should leave my house, the response is simple: because you’re a woman, and it is what it is. Sounds light and simple? But, no, for us, it is not that simple to leave everything behind so easily. Some even mock by saying, ‘Then don’t marry.’ I say, ‘The same goes with you as well. Don’t marry her if you want to separate her from her parents.’
  • ∆ Why are women, even in the 21st century, treated as housemaids? Although some women are lucky enough (like me) to get their husbands’ support in everything they do without question, in approximately 80% of cases, women are expected to do the household chores more or less even after returning from work and before leaving in the morning.
  • ∆ Why were ladies compelled to change their maiden name after marriage?
  • ∆ Why are children given the paternal surname? Why aren’t children given the surnames of both their father and mother? When women suffer the most during the prenatal and postnatal periods, the world generalises the pain of the new mom, saying you have to bear it because you’re a mother. Stop! No, the breadwinners, even after financially aiding, can’t empathise with the extent to which mothers have to go to raise their children.
  • ∆ “My husband and parents-in-law are too good. They allowed me to work after marriage.” Why do you even need someone’s permission to carry on with your work? Can’t you be emotionally independent?
  • ∆ The idea of gender roles is in focus these days, and I’m glad people are able to accept it gradually. Better late than never.

The idea of feminism is quite different from how it has been perceived.

Feminism doesn’t mean

  • To control men
  • To bring false allegations against men
  • To be more powerful, it’s not about power. All human beings possess equal power.
  • To disrespect men
  • To respect one’s family and disrespect in-laws. Feminism means treating everyone equally.
  • That men’s authority will be diminished. No one here has been authorised to dictate for others.

A note from the writer -I did not intend to hurt anyone.

Image source; Artist- Madhumita Dutta Choudhury

Madhumita Dutta Choudhury

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