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Lust Stories 2: A Netflix Series

Lust Stories 2 is a Film Anthology streaming on Netflix


‘Lust Stories 2’ fails to live up to the expectations of its predecessor.

Let me take you through the four mini-films directed by reputed filmmakers. 

R. Balki

The film opens with ongoing talks between the parents of the future bride and the groom. Neena Gupta is the nani who is as woke as they come. While her insistence on the importance of physical compatibility is praiseworthy, the narrative loses its plot in the middle and turns into a sex-ed class. And to be honest, the constant references to the eruption of Mt. Fuji become jarring. The granddaughter, who admits she is not new to relationships, giggles throughout the film as though she had been caught pants down. Come on, girl. You can do better.

Sujoy Ghosh

Vijay Verma meets with an accident. The place looks like a picture postcard. So unreal that you wonder if India suddenly transformed into Switzerland. While his car is being repaired, he wanders around the town, picks up a Starbucks-style coffee, and enters what looks like a church. His eyes fall on Tamanna, who for some weird reason, is wrapped in a saree that could give Spandex a run for its tightness. The old flames reunite, copulate for a few seconds, and try to shock the readers with an Abbas Mastan twist. In the end, one is left to wonder – did Ghosh mistake this for ‘Ghost Stories 2’?

Amit Sharma

Kumud Mishra lives in the past, too proud of his run-down haveli. His wife Kajol is torn between the suffering and her attempts to provide their son with a decent education. Out of desperation, she charts out a devious plan which tragically backfires. Her expressions, as they change from joy to shock to helplessness, are the highlight of this film.

Konkona Sen Sharma

Now, this is how you direct a lust story. Filmmakers, take a leaf out of Ms Sen Sharma’s book. Please! In just 30 minutes, we get a glimpse of voyeurism through the lens of a woman, the despair, the show of privilege, and the final act where the two women bury their past. Tilottama Shome and Amruta Shubhash shine in this mini, which is made with just the right dose of boldness and empathy.

Overall, ‘Lust Stories 2’ is disappointing, with only the last two stories trying their best to redeem the anthology.


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