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The Selfie Culture: Its Relevance And Impact

June 21 is NATIONAL SELFIE DAY! In 2014, it was DJ Rick McNeely who came up with this concept.

What is a selfie?

It’s a photograph we click on our own with a digital camera. And then, what do we do with it? We use it on our social media handles. The act of clicking selfies started the moment we got our hands on hand-held cameras.

How does a selfie help?

It is the inherent desire to click a good picture of ourselves that pushes us to click a selfie. It is a picture clicked in the company of one’s own self.

Selfies are private.

Selfies are self-controlled.


I am a selfie lover person, never satisfied with a back camera picture, even if someone wants to click my photo using a DSLR, then also I say, please click a photo with my phone and yes using selfie mode.😃. I dont trust any camera man, I think I can click the best pictures. Even, before the invention of front cameras, I use to click selfies with the back camera. A selfie with my puchku’s portrait that I painted – Arpita

Selfies are part of an individual experiment where the results are personal and relative. Well, there is wide scope for experimentation. You can try different poses. Different angles. Adjust the light to highlight a particular feature or aspect of yourself.  Try different outfits and styles. Look into the camera to check from closer quarters. Ask yourself – Do I tilt my head? Slightly lower? No, maybe a bit higher? Ahh. here it is!

The chin from where it juts out…. does it appear sharper from this angle? Or maybe if I click from my right? That angle where my cheeks look fuller? I think I should avoid that. Maybe I should focus on that mole under my nose? The mole that catches everyone’s’ eyes?  That hint of a dimple on my left cheek. I should face that side.


It is this FREEDOM to click whatever one likes about themselves. It’s also the freedom to choose and avoid the features that make us uncomfortable. This freedom to click one’s own self is enormous and the joy is manifold.

While clicking a selfie, we tend to recognise our strengths and weaknesses. We take note of our shortcomings. The initial criticism wears away and we learn to work on it. Initially it makes us conscious and uncomfortable. But as the days pass and we click and notice ourselves more, this journey of self-discovery leads us towards self-realisation. It’s also a process of falling in love with ourselves.



Selfies are self’s eye, capture self at all mood – no matter however silly or odd or dark or happy or sad or what not … and here is a quirky one – experiment with one’s third eye 🙃- Pubali

Kind of selfies that are usually taken


Push put your lips, press them together as if you are about to kiss someone. Show us your adorable duck-face.

Selfies with a prop

Pick up something around you that adds meaning to your life. A prop and how it has changed your life. It can be as trivial as a duster or as important as your cell phone.

With your family

Choose the one who has been a milestone in your life. Your parents. Your child. Your pet.

With friends

Rope in your bestie, tag them and declare your undying love.

Car Selfies

The best way to kill time while being stuck in traffic is to click selfies. Its trendy and quite happening.

Bathroom Selfies

The bathroom mirror is our favourite. The clean white tiles, the soft lights and the full-length mirror.

Food Selfies

We, women, tend to eat less but show off more. Show us the presentation of the food that you eating, the exotic recipe that you are making at home or trying in a restaurant.

Make-up Selfie

Time to share your beauty secrets. Show us that lip colour which dramatizes your face. That brand of kajal which gives your eyes a smoky effect or that tint which highlights your cheeks.


Happy Selfie Day, everyone!! 🤳 Some peeps say that I’m too vain to be clicking so many selfies! I’d like to tell them, “Tujhko mirchi lagi toh main kya karoon?” (If this stresses you, then that’s not my problem!”) 😎💁🏻‍♀️💃🏻😉Jokes aside, I enjoy clicking selfies. Does this mean that I’m self-centered? Definitely not, self love is not selfish. You can’t truly love another until you love yourself. Self love is the first secret to happiness. I can’t say that I’m addicted to selfies, but they make life much more interesting! Loving yourself is not vanity, it’s sanity! ♥️ – Tabassum

Good Hair Day Selfie

Is it a good hair day for you? Your hair looks shining and lustrous. Its bouncy and easy to manage? Click a selfie.

Fitness Selfie.

Share that Yogasana pose you think has done wonders to your fitness and figure.  Or the weights that you picked up today? Or maybe the muscle that you would like to flaunt? Or the new sportswear?

Few Minutes of Stardom Selfie

You see your favourite celebrity or an influencer. Grab the moment to click a selfie with him or her.

Travel Selfies

Are you a beach person or a mountain person? Do you like travelling by train or you prefer to fly? It’s been years that you have been on a rickshaw. Catch these moments in a selfie. 

**Just remember**

  • Be your natural self.
  • Smile a lot.
  • The angle which sits well with you.
  • Natural lights, soft lights or white lights.
  • The background

To celebrate June 21, National Selfie Day, The She Saga announced a selfie contest for its members. The rule was to click as many selfies as one can, choose the best, and post them on the group along with a two-liner about ‘what selfie means to her.’ Sanchari Bhattacharya won the contest! Congratulations!

Selfies, especially in the world of women and other minority genders, have unwittingly become a subtle and beautiful tool of empowerment. Unlike traditional portrait photography of olden times, in which the power dynamic was skewed, and the subject (often female) used to be nothing but an object of desire and imagination as portrayed by (usually cis het male) photographers, selfies enable us to use our own agency to photograph us exactly as we want to see ourselves, not as how someone else sees us – Sanchari


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