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Our Own Orb!

Every year June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day. The poem is a wake-up call for all of us.

The highland beauteous, the dale so serene

Bestowed with riches, though not for the mean;

Let’s ramble around to break free from the mundane

Mellow out the vexation, do not burden the terrain;

It embraces us sans biases, while all we leave is junk

I wish climate change was a myth, we could debunk.

Eon after eon, the Earth undergoes a change

Desert exists now, where once stood a ridge or a range;

But the mercury levels are pacing of late, into a pell-mell

Resources are depleting, do we hear the warning bell?

Our planet Earth is sinking, into distressful quagmire

Climate change is just a hoax, and not behind the forest fire?

Floods in the dust bowl, summers parched with heat

Weather is unpredictable, brooks are seeking retreat;

Barrages changing the topography, inviting the quake

Free aquifers once unconfined, are now at stake;

Rivers befouled by detritus, dark zones rising in count

Hoping climate change to be a joke, we shall surmount.

Let’s invest in our planet, plant a few trees, if not an orchard

Else containing the greenhouse gases would become really hard;

And how about judiciously using water that drops?

Harvesting the downpour by using various props;

And can we put a bowl of water for birds on our porch?

Climate change is playing havoc, aggravating the scorch.

Let’s invest in our planet, and play our bit of role

No to ‘single-use plastic’, can be one such teeny weeny goal;

Can we carry a reusable bag, even a tote would be fine

No litter here and leavings there, let the bourg shine;

Sustainability is a pivotal key, to a better clime

Let’s save our own orb, it’s already high time.


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