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A poem on Odisha

The land of ancient Kalinga, where Ashoka found Nirvana

Also marks its presence in Mahabharat and the Vayu Purana;

The state of Odisha has a remarkable history, that allures

Eighth largest by area in India, with a rich tradition of folklore.

Jagannath Temple at Puri is highly revered by the Vaishnavites

Famous for its Ratha Yatra, it is one of the Char Dham sites;

The blue flag tagged Golden Beach and the annual festival

The sand art on the shore, adds to the soothing scenery of Utkal;

On the entrance of the Sun Temple at Konark, the first rays of the sun fall

It is a world heritage site, an architectural marvel, with carvings that enthral;

In the Lingaraj temple, stone vaults are crafted into a work of art

If you are a history buff, this is the place after your own heart;

At Dhauli stands the Shanti Stupa, and Ashokan rock edicts

Atop the Udayagiri hill, is Hathigumpha in Kharavela’s precincts ;

The Chilka Lake houses beautiful islands and Irawadi dolphins around

This largest brackish water lagoon is migratory waterfowl’s wintering ground;

The Hirakud Dam across Mahanadi is the largest the world over

Bhitarkanika mangroves and National Park, a must-visit for a rover;

The PattaChitra and Palm Leaf Paintings, as spectacular as can be

And so is the intricate workmanship of Tarakasi or the Silver Filigree;

Papier Mache and Applique work shows the maven’s dexterous art

The handlooms exemplify the rich culture, sure to win your heart;

The Odissi and the Chhau are fascinating forms of dance

The Classical dancers and their mudras will leave you in a trance;

And yes! The state won the tiff about the origin of Rasgullas or the kind

The sweets and savouries are delectable to the palate and also to the mind.

A state bestowed by nature, brimming with ethnic hues

Odisha has so much to explore, amidst beatific views;

And as you ramble through the streets, Odissi music will uplift your zest

Replete with faith and fervour humongous, blessed is every fest.


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  1. Dear Ankurita Khajanchi, loved your picturesque poem covering all the aspects of Odisa and its rich cultural heritage. The imageries very vivid and transported me to this beautiful state once again. It’s your best poem ever.

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