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Ma We Love You!

A poignant poem on Mother

Ma is irreplaceable…

Whensoever I incline an ear, to a melody depicting a mother 

It melts my resilience, I can really hear it no further

I look at my mom, who is already in tears

Cause she lost hers, at the age of 25 years

I can’t console her, even if I want to do so

For mothers are irreplaceable, this I sure know

My mother never gives vent to, her fears and feelings

She emanates placidity, angelic are all her dealings

Ma….she is angelic…

Her selflessness is unmatched and that amazes me all the more

But not often do I tell her, Ma I love you from my heart’s deepest core.

Her name is synonymous with moon, and that does make sense

Even when things are dark, she really takes no offence

And when we siblings, all grown-ups now,

Are in a quest to prove, ourselves as her favourite somehow

Father’s winsome better half, is smarter than us all

Three dishes for three of us, leaving no place for a brawl

Unpretentious, amiable and a woman of substance

She has indoctrinated us to be good, no matter the instance

Ma….an epitome of love…

An epitome of love, she edifies us to be grounded, the higher we soar

Not often do we say, but Ma we love you from our heart’s deepest core.


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