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Love Calling

Entry for February Love Story Contest

It was a beautiful winter morning and I was chilling on the balcony post breakfast. I heard a car enter the society gates and it parked right below my gallery.

There she was, stepping out with her mom, and my heart skipped a beat.

I was looking at the cutest face I had ever seen, her green eyes were captivating. As if she knew I was staring, she suddenly glanced up. For a moment I thought she gently called out to me.

For days, I would wait at my front door, peep out of the windows, just to catch a glimpse of her pretty face. At times, I would hear her call out.

On one occasion I cried back, and I heard her respond. I begged Mom to let me out. So, I could meet her, and play with her. But Mom wouldn’t listen, she believed I would be lost. Staying on the tenth floor, I was hardly allowed to venture out.

All I wished, was to see her once. Mom never understood. I was lonely. From her voice, she sounded forlorn too.

On one of those gloomy evenings, I spotted a truck being loaded. Someone was shifting, oh, wasn’t it her mother talking to the loaders? In a jiffy, their car was gone. I knew, so was she.

It was almost dark when I heard her crying aloud. Desperately. I ran to Mom. My parents had heard her too. I raised a ruckus, and I saw Dad and Mom rushing downstairs.

They were back soon, she was bundled in Mom’s arms. Our eyes met and she rushed towards me.

We head-butted, as she purred.

“Shomu, this kitten’s owners abandoned her downstairs. So, we’re taking her in, she’ll be your playmate. Happy?” Mom stroked my head.

I purred and thanked Mom.

By Preethi Warrier

Preethi Warrier has completed her Masters in Electronics Engineering and is an Assistant Professor. She is one of the winners of the TOI Write India Campaign Season-1, for the famous author Anita Nair. She can be contacted at:

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