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The Glutton’s Way To Building A Sumptuous Sandwich

Crunch. You should remember what you built !!! Crunch.You should feel the texture of what you are eating!! Hua na. Lagee bhook?

Take bread. The bigger, the better. But it has to be sandwich bread. Don’t arrive with croissants or garlic french bread and tell, here is the bread. If it is soft and fresh, you can build a sandwich straight on. If not, you will need to either toast it or butter up the outsides and grill the bread so that it is fresh and crunchy when you bite into it. 

If it is fresh and you are going to have a cold sandwich, you can use cold stuff in it. Cucumber, lettuce of various kinds, mayonnaise, and so on. The moment you gravitate towards a warm sandwich and if you are actually going to grill it after you have built the sandwich, do not use the above-said ingredients. It’s plain wrong. It’s like wearing sarees with Adidas. It’s like going to play cricket in pyjamas because they also look like white trousers. It’s like wearing a nightie and going to the local kirana store. Yeah, as bad as that. 

Then, you load up your sandwich. There are no set rules. Butter. Pudina chutney. Mayonnaise. Mustard. Mustard mayonnaise. Thousand island dressing. Peri Peri. Lettuce. Gherkins. Tomatoes. Baby tomatoes. Black olives. Green olives. Dates. Cucumber. Sprouts. Boiled eggs. Half boiled eggs. Fish fries. Fish meuniere. Salami. Ham of any kind. Picata. Sausages. Cheese slices. Grated Parmesan. Roquefort chunks. Melted cheese. Onions. Capsicum. Chillies. Even boiled potatoes sliced up. Load it all up. According to your wishes. Put more greens if you are a weight watcher or if you feel you are sinning. 

Then, load up your plate. If you are the guy who cannot do without some french fries or chips, well, go ahead. The others can safely just have the sandwich. 

I don’t like ketchup. But if you do like it, keep the favourite brand on the side. But don’t douse it in ketchup as that kills all the unique tastes that you have put within. 

Bite into it. Think about pleasant things. Himalayan ranges. Small cottages. Mist. Houseboats. Alleppey. Backwaters. Silence. A tiger playing with it’s cub in Kanhan. Setting sun in Alibaug. 

Don’t even pick up your mobile. You won’t remember the tastes. Okay, take a picture but then keep the mobile aside. I know, sometimes you may suffocate yourself if you haven’t taken the picture. Don’t even go to whatsapp to immediately send to your groups. “Dekh Kya kha raha/rahi hun!!”

Crunch. You should remember what you built. 

Crunch. You should feel the texture of what you are eating. 

Playing bold? You can do the same thing in a Paratha wrap! You can also egg up one side. 

Hua na. Lagee bhook?

By Indraneel Majumdar

Indraneel Majumdar is currently the Head of Sarat City Mall, Hyderabad, which is one of the best malls in India. Though he is a man of  retails and hospitality industry, his passion lies in books and movies. He has authored two books, Co- Founded Writer’s Collective, a niche publishing space and has been a writing for several online and offline portals. His everyday morning Facebook musings are hit among the readers.

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