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6 Must-Have Summer Sarees In Your Wardrobe

Thankfully, there are some feather-light, natural fibre options that allow your skin to breathe and feel comfortable, even in this heat and humidity. And which you can wear both to your workplace, and jazz up for that evening do.

“Uff, this is the last time I am wearing a saree in this heat! Can’t even move properly! And the saree looks like a used rag in no time” Seema shrieked.

“Tell me about it!” Tanvi retorted. “I tripped on my way here. The petticoat was sticking to my legs and I looked like a duck waddling about!” 

“And just take a look at my skin! This synthetic material has caused an allergic reaction and I have ended up with rashes all over my hands!” This was Ayesha.

Love wearing sarees, but dread wearing them in summer? Most of us do. What with the sweat, the stickiness and discomfort, who wants to wear something that is cumbersome and clings to you? But summer weddings and parties can’t be avoided, and what looks better than a beautiful saree with some carefully chosen accessories?

Relax. Thankfully, there are some feather-light, natural fibre options that allow your skin to breathe and feel comfortable, even in this heat and humidity. And which you can wear both to your workplace, and jazz up for that evening do.

Curious to know which sarees these would be? Read on to discover summer sarees that keep you in comfort while making you look like a million bucks.

Summer Sarees to Flaunt

Summers mean natural fabrics, no georgettes, satins or blends please! Choose from these winners:

Linen, Khadi, Matka – The comfy trendy options for young girls, their moms and grand-moms. From celebrities like Vidya Balan and Kangana Ranaut, to the NGO worker and the college student at her freshers’ party, everyone loves sporting a linen, matka or khadi handwoven treasure. They feel like your second skin, and allow you to breathe easy while making you look beautiful.

Chanderi and Maheshwari – These lightweight, soft and lustrous beauties from Madhya Pradesh can function as office wear, as well as party and occasion drapes. A blend of cotton and silk, these naturally woven beauties are dainty and stunning to look at, while being easy on the skin. These days Chanderi sarees are also available on Katan fabric and look unbelievably gorgeous. Flaunt your Chanderi saree at the next wedding you are invited to, and grab envious looks! 

Jamdani, Taant, Shantipuri, Begumpuri, Fulia handlooms – Bengal’s gift to textiles, Jamdani can give any silk a run for its money! Muslin, Dhakai, Linen, all variants of Jamdani are any designer’s favourite. Exquisite, delicate, lightweight and full of finesse, jamdani sarees stun with their elegance. Your occasion wear is sorted with a Jamdani gossamer beauty.

And Shantipur and Fulia have long been centres of the finest and softest cotton sarees. Ideal for Indian summers, these sarees allow you to breathe freely, while being cool and comfortable. So, the summer get-together is not something you need to dread! Just flaunt a Begumpuri or Shantipuri saree in style! 

South Cottons – South India has been the textile hub of India for its pure cotton, handwoven Patteda Anchu, Ikkat, Telia Rumal, Kasavu and Kanchi cotton sarees. The popularity of these weaves has stood the test of time. Rich in looks, and soft and smooth in feel, these weaves are summer wardrobe staples.

Kota Doria and Mul Cotton Sarees: Rajasthan’s feathery summery sarees are light to wear and retain their crispness despite the heat and humidity. Besides looking super-smart, Kota Doria sarees are easy to carry and maintain. Your daughter can wear one safely without tripping all over it, while your aunt loves one for its lightweight comfort.

Assam Cottons, Moirangphee– The classic, sophisticated, ethereal beauties from Assam and Manipur can be easily worn to a party or a celebration. With bright woven motifs in stunning colours, these sarees are light to wear and great to look at. A woven cotton nooni or a delicate Moirangphee saree can make you look gorgeous even in the heat!

So, there you are! Weaves that have been designed to weather the Indian summer beckon you to flaunt the six yards in style! 

Happy Sareeing!

By Barnali Roy

Presently a Blogger and Content Writer, Barnali Roy has been a corporate employee and faculty for Business Communication, HR, and Soft Skills in the past. An avid reader, cine-lover, foodie, crossword and travel enthusiast, she writes on diverse niches ranging from food and health, to motivation, emotional growth and self-development. She can be contacted at

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