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Parenting – A Dad’s Way

Little changes make big differences. One dad inspired another to try something new in this ever-learning journey called parenting.

“I am trying to teach you using a lot of different tricks but you just cannot focus. How hard it is to draw a decent looking circle after all?”, Nihit sounded a little agitated and two silent drops of tears rolled down little Neev’s cheeks.

“I have an important meeting today so we will finish your project tomorrow.”

“But I have to submit the shapes project today itself, Dad”, Neev said with pleading eyes.

“Then you should have woken up earlier when the first alarm rang, Neev”, Nihit got up from the dining chair.

“Now finish your breakfast quickly, your school bus will arrive in no time. Here’s your lunchbox; I packed a cheese sandwich and some apple slices. I have informed your teacher that Chandni Didi will pick you up from the bus stop. Be good and do not trouble her much. See you in the evening”, Saying this, Nihit quickly left for his office. 

“When will Mumma come back, Chandni Didi?”

“Very soon, Neev baba. Your Nani is sick and she needs your Mumma by her side. We will play Ludo after you are back from school, okay?” Chandni was very good at handling young kids and Neev smiled on hearing her words, as he felt loved.

Part-time helper Chandni’s affirmation to be seven-year-old Neev’s caregiver, till Riva returns from her mother’s place, was a huge relief for the family. Nihit is a loving father but he could only manage the playtime with his son since Riva has happily donned the hat of a hands-on mother.

The March-endings are always super challenging and Nihit is trying very hard to strike a balance between the situation at home and his workplace.

“This Kolkata traffic will make me insane someday!” Nihit felt frustrated as he was already late for the scheduled finance department meeting.

His car was stuck in the college chowk traffic point. Suddenly, the loud giggles of a child caught Nihit’s attention. His eyes looked for the source of the cute giggling sounds and then he spotted a baby girl near the Puchka wala. The panipuri man always places his stand at that particular spot under the huge Banyan tree. Today, a big Cocacola umbrella is added there to provide an extra shed for the partially broken baby Pram! A cute little girl was sitting in a bright yellow oversized frock, holding a Barbie doll, and adorning the most angelic laugh.

Nihit lowered the car’s window to have a better look.

The Puchka wala was making different funny faces to entertain his baby, in between serving his customers, and she was giggling aloud seeing the funny tactics of her loving father.

“Why have you brought her with you today, Bhaiya?” One of the customers asked.

“Her mother just recovered from high fever and needs proper rest to get back to her work, She works as a cook. She always takes Shona to her workplace and I never had to worry about anything.  I am bringing her with me for the last three days so that Nayani gets some rest and recovers quickly”, Shona’s father picked up the fallen Barbie from the ground and cleaned it with his Gamcha before giving it to Shona.

His words caused a stir in another Dad’s mind!

“Well done, good Dad”, Nihit said softly.

The signal turned green and he drove off towards his office.

Next morning

“Wake up, champ”, Nihit kissed Neev’s forehead.

“I don’t have school today as it’s the second Saturday, Dad. Let me sleep some more, please”, Neev requested, in his still sleepy voice.

“But Neev is going to spend the day in my office today. I have already packed your project materials, art book, oil pastels, puzzles, pop-it toy, and your favourite Chinese Checkers too. Chandni Didi has made Aloo Parathas for breakfast. And you also love the office cafeteria, don’t you?” Nihit was waiting to see Neev’s overwhelmed reaction.

“You are the best, Dad. But don’t you have lots of work in the office today?”

“I have some and that’s why we are taking your favourite toys too. You will play with them when I will be extremely busy. But I promise you will not get bored in my company. Neev and Dad will rock it together.”

“This is going to be the best Saturday ever. I am informing Mumma right now”, Neev was jumping in excitement.

“I have told Mumma and promised her that I will be taking you with me from now on whenever Mumma is busy handling her assignments.”

“Thank you so much, Dad”, a tight hug from Neev made Nihit a little emotional.

The Dad and son duo started their journey on the happiest note, wearing white shirts and blue denim trousers. (Little changes make big differences. One dad inspired another to try something new in this ever-learning journey called parenting.)

By Anuja Lopamudra Das

Hailing from a small town, Nagaon in Assam, Anuja’s love for writing bloomed mostly during her college days. With two super energetic kids and a busy household by her side, she follows her passion for writing and singing without fail and it keeps her going with full zeal. Blogging, cooking, and lots of reading are her besties and she promises herself not to part ways with them ever, no matter what. She can be contacted at

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