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Still Confused About Blockchain? Please Read This Book.

Rittik Das has made complex terms easy with his book on Blockchain and easing out people who want to make their income via these sources.

Even in today’s time, not everyone is well-versed with digital banking. Pandemic has moved most of the things into digital way but the fear and lack of information on how to use your money digitally and knowledge about currency are limited. Everyone has heard about blockchain technology, crypto, Bitcoin but no one know how to get the right information on said terms. Rittik Das has made it easy for learners who want to know how to invest their money through these ways.  He has written a book to clear all the related doubts.

Rittik Das is into the research and analysis of the blockchain industry since 2011 and currently works in decentralized Finance or DeFi. He is been into traditional centralized finance like equity and commodity for the last 10 years. He is also planning on starting a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO shortly.

Potterhead || Investor || Amateur Astronomer || Photographer || Videographer || Crypto-Miner

Basically, at this moment he is enabling people to understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He also makes reels on Instagram trying to educate people about the same. Additionally, he had written a book and also a cryptocurrency miner which is a type of passive income anyone can opt for.

Here is the book link which is free of cost:

Please reach out to him at:

Book By Rittik Das

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