Being Women

The She Saga

The She Saga

Finally, the rendezvous has begun,
In our very own Hall of Fame,
Where we would rightfully channelize our own flames,
To create, re-create new wholes,
And embrace new roles.

It is a place where,
We would have a date with ourselves,
Where we could paint, sing, dance, and dress,
Even could create a mess, And still would not be embarrassed of,
Our own vulnerable selves.
What’s more, Here everytime we would be embraced,
With a true-smiling face.

Now we are a part of this tribe, 
The stinging bees of this honey-filled hive.
Here we would push our own boundaries,
To again reclaim our lost territories.
And give strength to each other’s cause,
By building bridges,
So, that no one feels lost.
We would compose,
The songs and symphonies of our own ‘ragas’.
For we have earned this place with our own love,
We have finally arrived in the She Saga.

By Indrani Chowdhury

Indrani Chowdhury is a modern Indian poet/writer who was born and raised at Guwahati in Assam. She did her post- graduation in English and had worked as a teacher for a few years before embracing writing as her chosen vocation. She resides at Bangalore, India and divides her time between the two loves of her life – her son and writing. Her poems have been published in various anthologies, magazines, and finally her own book ‘Raining Drops of Rainbow Verses..

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