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Who Suffers More – The Child or The Abuser?

Victims don’t complain and predators walk on the streets freely. If victims manage to gather some courage to complain, then they are silenced by the family members and the society, in order to maintain the family decorum and societal image.

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Trusting Myself To Love, Again

I am in love because I chose to gently lower my guard and be beautifully vulnerable with this wonderful man with whom every moment shared is worth my while. I have no regrets whatsoever.

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Sheel in Mai: The Representation Of A Mother’s Guilt And Revenge

In Sheel’s case, the guilt is heightened because the daughter had a speech disability, and there seems to have been a disconnect between mother-daughter despite the mother trying hard to be protective and perceptive. We get to know this as the series progresses, and we learn that the daughter, Supriya, had confided about her relationship with the father and not her Mai.

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Six To Start With

Emotions are always best felt in one way. To each her own. Let’s respect that and expand our repertoire to create a more tolerant and conducive space where appreciation precedes judgment and love conquers limitations

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