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Motherhood: The Journey Of Trials, Tribulations And A Much-awaited Blessing

Sumana, loves to travel and explore. Here, she tells us about the long and arduous journey towards motherhood.

The Background

Embracing motherhood has been a long and challenging journey for me.

My husband Avirup and I had an arranged marriage in 2015. We hit it off right away, and our wedding was held soon after. We were compatible in every way. Avirup is a travel enthusiast. And we went on six to seven trips in the first year of our marriage. We wanted children but decided not to have one for the next three to four years. Our career and our travel kept us occupied.

In September 2017, Avirup received an offer to work in Vietnam for two years. I quit my job, became a freelance content writer and joined him. The experience allowed us to start anew and live independently, as we had been living with my parents-in-law (who were wonderful) since our marriage. The next two years flew by as we explored Vietnam.

We decide to start a family

In 2019, we returned back to Delhi after being married for 4.5 years. We were in our early thirties and ready to start a family. Despite having regular periods, I struggled hard to conceive. Let me share that we began trying during our days in Vietnam. In February 2020, we visited a gynaecologist and a fertility specialist, who diagnosed me with mild PCOS and my husband with sperm motility issues. We were prescribed medication, which included ovulation-inducing treatment for me. We were advised that if there was no progress in the next few months, we would have to return for a tube test to check for blockages in my fallopian tubes.

The journey towards motherhood continued…

Then came the pandemic. Our appointments and treatment saw a delay leaving us frustrated and worried. We returned home to Kolkata in August 2020. By then we were desperate and knew that this trip of ours would be a difficult one, as the PCOD medications had caused hormonal disruptions. Despite resuming treatment with a new doctor after the first wave of COVID-19, multiple attempts at ovulation induction and meticulously scheduled intercourse proved unsuccessful. With no visible problems, except for a few physiological ones, we sought advice from another doctor in May 2021, who recommended IVF after reviewing our case.

A detailed diagnosis…

On May 8, 2021, we visited a top fertility clinic and IVF specialist in Kolkata, who provided a detailed explanation and was very friendly. He recommended an immediate tube test, which I had been avoiding fearing pain and still hoping for natural conception. The test revealed stage III endometriosis and an endometrial cyst in my left ovary, which severely affected my egg reserve and quality. Birth control pills were the only treatment option for endometriosis, but they would interfere with conception. At 33 years old, IVF was the quickest way for me to conceive.

Series of failures...

In August 2021, I experienced the most challenging phase of my life as we went through the exhausting and draining process of IVF. My husband provided unwavering support, while my family did their best to help. After the egg retrieval process and the transfer of one of two blastocysts, we waited for 15 days before receiving the devastating news of a negative beta HCG test result. Coping with the trauma was difficult. A visit to Puri, a place of spiritual significance to me, helped in my journey.

We attempted the final transfer in Jan 2022, which failed. Doctors could not explain the failure of the IVF cycles but mentioned that poor egg and embryo quality was the probable reason. By then, we had spent around Rs 2.5 Lakh on the process which was a waste. There were no more embryos, and to start it again meant starting with an entirely new IVF cycle, which seemed impossible.

We gave up on treatment. Faith was the way out.

We were back to square one, having lost all hopes of parenthood. But we tried staying positive. I started Yoga and listened to Bhagavad Gita classes on YouTube. Swami Sarvapriyananda (a very popular monk of the Ramakrishna order) inspired us. Listening to him online helped me in more than one way. Being without medicines for the first time in the last two years made me feel light and healthy.

In March 2022, we went on a trip to Pondicherry after a long time. It was a relief for both of us. The serenity and calmness of the place soothed my hurt and tired soul. The following month, my husband joined a new organization, which required him and, eventually, me to move to Gurgaon as offices were opening in a hybrid mode. We decided to keep trying for conception naturally and then start birth control pills (as per the doctor’s advice to reduce the symptoms of endometriosis and then start IVF) before attempting another cycle of IVF in Gurgaon.

A miracle…

On May 1, I felt very sick after taking a dose of antibiotics for a bad cough. I even experienced severe mood swings. I missed my period and took a pregnancy test. On May 4, 2022, to my surprise, I received a positive pregnancy test result. This was after trying to conceive for the last two years.

It was a miracle that without any medicines I had conceived. A month before this miracle, I had visited Belur Math in Kolkata. I had heard that Maa Sarada fulfils all prayers, no matter how unfortunate her devotee is. I prayed to bless me with a child if it was meant to be. I also prayed for the strength to accept my destiny.

Despite experiencing placenta previa during my pregnancy, I persevered through two full trimesters on bed rest. With the blessings of Maa Sarada, I successfully delivered a baby girl on December 15, 2022. My daughter’s birth coincided with Maa Sarada’s 170th birthday. Isn’t that uncanny?

Today, my four-and-a-half-month-old daughter brings immense joy to our lives. I know Maa Sarada will always watch her. My daughter has the Mother’s blessings.

By Sumana Ganguly Chakraborty

Sumana Ganguly is a professional content writer, working for agencies and independent clients. A Master’s in English Literature, she has always been passionate about writing. Watching movies and analysing them is one of her favourite hobbies apart from reading books and listening to music. She can be contacted at

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